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OPP Close Ramps to Highway 401 to Investigate Friday Afternoon Crash

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) closed on and off-ramps to Highway 401 at Queens Line after a two-vehicle collision on Friday afternoon. The crash occurred on the westbound 401 Queens Line on-ramp. The incident is being investigated by Elgin County OPP. The details of the injuries are not known. OPP has told the public to be... Read More

Can I File a Claim for Post-Traumatic Arthritis From a Car Crash?

Many car crash injuries carry a risk of long-term side effects. For example, damage to one of your joints, including the soft tissues, could increase the chances of arthritis, also called post-traumatic arthritis. In this blog, our experienced lawyers explain how a car accident could cause post-traumatic arthritis, common symptoms and treatments, and including arthritis... Read More

Why Is it Difficult To Link These Injuries to a Windsor Auto Accident?

Car crash victims have the right to seek compensation for their injuries, assuming those injuries were caused by another driver’s negligence. To qualify their claim, victims must first provide evidence that connects their medical issues to the collision, which can be a challenge with certain injuries. Below, we discuss the reasons why it can be... Read More

Can I Include Treatment From a Chiropractor in My Windsor Car Crash Claim?

Car accidents can cause a variety of bone and soft-tissue injuries that can be incredibly painful and debilitating. Many victims may find relief in treatment from a chiropractor. If you were injured in a Windsor crash or elsewhere in Ontario, our Windsor car accident lawyers may be able to help you secure the compensation you... Read More

Two Hospitalized After Serious Crash in Chatham-Kent Involving Pickup Truck and SUV

There was a serious collision in Chatham-Kent on Thursday afternoon between a pickup truck and SUV. Two individuals involved suffered serious injuries and had to be hospitalized. The crash happened in Raleigh Township between Wellwood Road and Ninth Line around 3 p.m. The pickup truck hit the SUV inside the intersection. The force of the... Read More

Can a Lawyer Prove a Windsor Car Crash Caused You To Develop Fibromyalgia?

Car crashes are incredibly traumatic events that can take a heavy physical and emotional toll. In fact, a crash could be so disruptive that it may trigger fibromyalgia. This blog explores the possible connection between fibromyalgia and car crashes and whether a Windsor auto accident lawyer can include this chronic disorder in a claim for... Read More

Fatal Multi-Vehicle Crash Closes E.C. Row Expressway in Windsor

There was a fatal collision on E.C. Row Expressway last Friday. Four were injured in the collision, including a 52-year-old who passed away. The authorities temporarily closed the expressway from Central Avenue to Walker Road. The incident occurred around 12:25 p.m. in the westbound side of the expressway. The collision involved a total of three... Read More

What Drivers Need to Know About Car Crashes on Rural Roads in Ontario

Many drivers would gladly trade the heavy traffic and delays of city roads for rural roads. That said, drivers should not let the lack of traffic or monotonous scenery fool them, rural roads can be incredibly dangerous. Below, Greg Monforton and Partners discusses the dangers of rural roads, including the types of accidents that often... Read More

Elderly Pedestrian Hospitalized for Serious Injuries From Crash on McNorton Street

There was a serious collision on McNorton Street on Monday morning involving a pedestrian and a vehicle. An 87-year-old pedestrian was sent to hospital for treatment of serious injuries. The Windsor Police Service responded to the collision around 8 a.m. The police said the elderly pedestrian was traveling eastbound on McNorton Street before getting hit... Read More

How Children in the Car Can Increase the Likelihood of Distracted Driving Crashes

When we hear the term “distracted driving,” the first thing that often comes to mind is texting and driving. While this is one of the most common forms of distracted driving, there are many others. For example, driving with passengers in the car, especially children, can be a significant distraction. Below, Greg Monforton and Partners... Read More