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I Suffered a Crush Injury in a Windsor, Ontario Car Crash. What Are My Legal Options?

One of the biggest risks of a high-speed collision is that you could suffer a crush injury. These injuries occur when the body is subject to intense pressure for a long period. Greg Monforton and Partners has created a guide to crush injuries suffered in Windsor car crashes. We discuss the different types, how they... Read More

86-Year-Old Driver Taken to Hospital in London Following Tuesday Morning Collision

There were two collisions on Tuesday in Tilbury, one was at Canal Street and Ella Street and the other was on Queen’s Line between Bonneau Line and Davidson Road. The first crash happened around 11 a.m. and involved an SUV and a van. The collision caused the van to hit a pole, while the SUV... Read More

Windsor Police Investigating Crashes That Caused Pedestrian Life-Threatening Injuries

There was a pedestrian accident on Sunday evening after 6:00 p.m. on Everts Avenue. The victim is a 35-year-old who had to be transported to hospital for treatment of life-threatening injuries. The crash is being investigated by the Windsor Police Traffic Reconstruction Unit. The officers found out the pedestrian got hit by a car that... Read More

What Compensation Can I Recover For Broken Ribs From a Windsor, ON Car Crash?

Blunt force trauma to the chest is a common occurrence in car crashes and can cause victims to suffer one or more broken ribs. This injury is incredibly painful, especially when trying to breathe. If you sustained a rib injury in a car crash and it was the result of the other driver’s negligence, our... Read More

Why Do Ontario SUV Crashes With Smaller Vehicles Have a Higher Risk of Serious Injury?

There are many benefits to driving an SUV or large pickup truck. You can often transport more people than you could in a smaller passenger vehicle. SUVs and larger pickup trucks also have more cargo room. Large vehicles like these also offer much more protection in a crash. Unfortunately, the extra protection often comes at... Read More

I Was Injured in a Brake-Checking Crash. Can I File a Claim For Compensation?

No driver likes it when another car follows too closely. However, some drivers get so angry about it they decide to slam on the brakes to scare the tailgating driver. The goal is to get the trailing driver to narrowly avoid a rear-end crash and back off. Unfortunately, sometimes there is no way to avoid... Read More

Can You File a Windsor, ON Car Accident Claim if the Other Driver Had a Heart Attack?

Sometimes drivers cause car accidents because they suffered a heart attack, stroke or some other sudden medical emergency. These drivers or their insurance companies may claim they bear no liability for injuries and damages because of the medical crisis that occurred. The argument may sound reasonable until you consider the possibility that the driver had... Read More

Crash Involving an SUV and Tractor-Trailer in Lakeshore Causes One Death

There was a fatal collision in Lakeshore last night on County Road 42. The collision involved an SUV and a tractor-trailer and it is under investigation by Lakeshore provincial police. The SUV driver, who was from Windsor, was just 20 years old. The driver was severely injured in the crash and died from these injuries... Read More

Can I File a Windsor Car Accident Claim if the At-Fault Driver Died in the Crash?

Negligent drivers not only put others on the road in danger but also themselves. Sometimes these drivers cause crashes that claim their own lives, while the victim is left seriously injured. Victims and their families may wonder how the at-fault driver’s death may impact their ability to seek compensation for their damages. They may even... Read More

37-Year-Old in Critical Condition After Three-Vehicle Crash on Chatham Overpass

There was a serous three-vehicle crash on a Chatham overpass in the early morning hours on Saturday. One of the people involved was critically injured and remains hospitalized. The crash happened on Bloomfield Road shortly before 3:30 a.m. Two vehicles heading in opposite directions collided. Not long after that, a third vehicle hit one of... Read More