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What Are My Legal Options in a Changing Lanes Car Accident?

Changing lanes on a busy road can be especially dangerous. Drivers may speed up or fail to use their vehicle’s turn signals to indicate their intent to switch lanes of traffic. Sudden and unexpected lane changes have the potential to cause an accident, resulting in serious injuries and property damage. Determining fault for these kinds... Read More

Who Is Liable for a Crash Caused From Objects Falling Off Vehicles?

Drivers often face many different kinds of hazards on the road. One of these hazards may include objects falling from vehicles. When objects fall off the back of a vehicle and cause an accident, it can result in serious injuries, death and property damage. If an object was not properly secured to a vehicle, who... Read More

How Can Dash Cam Footage Help Prove Negligence in a Lawsuit?

Determining liability for a crash may not always be so straightforward as people think. Some cases may require a more detailed investigation and additional evidence to prove who caused the crash. For instance, dash cam footage may provide proof that a driver was at-fault and acted negligently. If you have been involved in a crash,... Read More

Can I Get Accident Benefits If I Was Not Working at Time of Accident?

Being involved in a car accident can be overwhelming. If you were not receiving regular employment wages at the time of the accident and became injured, this can create additional stress. You may be worried about how you will be able to pay for your medical treatment and other accident-related expenses. Fortunately, you may be... Read More

One Killed, Two Injured Following Collision in Amherstburg

One person was killed and two others injured after a collision in Amherstburg Monday morning. According to CTV News Windsor, police responded to the accident scene on Howard Avenue between Texas Road and Country Road 10 at about 6:30 a.m. Two vehicles were traveling in opposite directions when one of the vehicles lost control and... Read More

Two Injured in Wrong-Way Crash on Hwy. 401 in Tecumseh

Two people were sent to the hospital after a wrong-way crash on Highway 401 Monday afternoon. Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Tecumseh responded to a collision between two pickup trucks at about 3:30 p.m. in the westbound lanes near Dougall Parkway. Police say that one of the trucks was travelling east in the westbound lanes.... Read More

Will the Insurance Company Cover a Collision With a Fixed Object?

Collisions between a vehicle and a fixed object happen quite often, causing serious, life-threatening injuries. Fixed-object collisions may involve hitting guardrails, road signs, trees and utility poles. These types of collisions may involve multiple parties. Sometimes another driver may be at fault for the collision. At other times, a government entity responsible for maintaining the... Read More

When Can a Good Samaritan Be Sued for Helping an Injured Accident Victim?

Witnessing a car accident may compel someone to stop and render aid. He or she may dial 9-1-1, check for injuries and/or try to keep victims safe and calm while waiting for emergency personnel to arrive. Good Samaritans are generally legally protected from liability when attending to accident victims in distress. However, they are only... Read More

Child Hospitalized After Being Struck By Vehicle in Dresden

A nine-year-old boy was hospitalized after he was hit by a vehicle at a busy intersection in Dresden on Tuesday afternoon. According to a report by CTV Windsor, the incident occurred on North Street between Holden Street and Wrights Lane at about 3:30 p.m. Chatham-Kent OPP says the boy was transported to a local area... Read More

Can I Pursue Compensation for a Collision in Whiteout Conditions?

Driving in whiteout conditions can be a scary and dangerous experience, increasing the risk of a collision. Multi-vehicle pileups, severe injuries and road closures due to whiteout conditions are reported each winter by Ontario Provincial Police. Drivers are urged to use extreme caution on the road. However, collisions can and still do happen. Being able... Read More