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In recent years, many innovations in farm equipment have allowed farmers to increase the speed of their farming efforts. However, this increase in speed has also increased the risk for serious injuries and in some instances, fatalities in the workers that operate the machinery.

Have you or someone that you love suffered a serious personal injury while working on a farm?

Did you know that you may eligible to receive compensation benefits for your losses and damages including; medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and property damages?

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Types of Farm Equipment

farm accident injury lawyersIn past times, farmers were required to manually cultivate the soil, plant the seeds by hand, and harvest the crops. Throughout time, new farm equipment has been invented which allows farmers to do all of these tasks faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Of course, each type of farm may require different farm equipment based on the harvest.

Some common types of farm equipment include:

Chisel Plow

A chisel plow is used to till the ground by using shanks to dig up the dirt in order to prepare it for planting.  This tool is easy to use and allows farmers to get tillage done quickly and efficiently.


A combine is used to harvest crops, pick crops, clean crops, and separate the wheat from stalks. These combines include a device known as a sieve to sort out the surface residue and manure. In addition to the typical combine, there is also a hydraulic combine, which allows farmers with hills to harvest their crops easier.

Row Planter

A row planter is used to plant the seeds from two rows up to 48 rows. This planter is typically towed across a field by a tractor and the seeds are placed into rows. The seeds are fed from a container at the top of the tractor, while the spacing of the seed placement is also modifiable.

Seed Drill

A seed drill is another piece of equipment used to plant seeds; however this equipment not only plants the seeds, but also covers the seeds with soil.


A sprayer is used to spread chemicals and liquids needed to treat and water the crops. These sprayers allow for faster distribution of liquids and are available in many different forms.


A tractor is probably the most well known and most essential piece of farm equipment. It is used to tow other farm equipment such as the planter or seed drill and can be found in many different sizes depending on its needs.

Due to the large size of these pieces of farm equipment, and their ability to travel and higher rates of speed, there has been an increased amount of accidents causing injuries to farmers.

Causes of Farm Accidents

combine harvester injury law firmAlthough there may be many benefits of working on a farm, it is still a high risk occupation, as there are many hazards caused by farm equipment.

These hazards may be presented by a number of different situations which may also be attributed to experience.

Some common farm accident causes include:

  • Crushed by equipment
  • Design defects
  • Exposure to pesticides
  • Failure to maintain farm equipment
  • Malfunctions in power takeoff
  • Manufacturer defects
  • Removing safety features from equipment
  • Tractor rollover accidents

In some cases, there causes of farm accidents can lead to further injuries and possible death. Thus, it is important to obtain proper instructions on how to operate these large pieces of farm equipment.

Types of Farming Accident Injuries

farm accident compensation claimsFarm accident injuries can come in many different shapes and forms, as there are many dangerous objects and hazards present on farms.

These injuries may be further complicated if an individual neglects to receive the proper medical attention from a professional.

Some types of farm accident injuries include:

In any case, if you have been injured in a farm accident, it is imperative to seek immediate medical attention for your injuries.  This will not only ensure a healthy recover and prevent further injury, but these medical documents can also be used by our lawyers to formulate a more effective case against the negligent individual or entity causing the injury.

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