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Aggressive Dog Breeds

dog attack law firmDespite almost any dog being able to bite and injure someone, there are some specific breeds that consistently show up in dog bite reports and are known for their overly protective – or outright aggressive – nature.

Some of the most common include:

Pit Bull – Despite Ontario adopting a province-wide pit-bull ban in 2005, these dogs are still considered a threat. The American Staffordshire and Staffordshire bull terrier are common breeds of this animal and are known to be very aggressive to both humans and other dogs. The American Staffordshire in particular is one of the most widely-legislated breeds in Canada.

Rottweiler – these dogs are a very old breed that have been acknowledged as one of the oldest herding breeds in the world. Due to this heritage, their desire to hunt prey can take a great amount of training to suppress.

German Shepherd – commonly associated with many law enforcement agencies around the world, German Shepherds can weigh up to 35 kg, and stand at more than 60 cm high – which is almost the same size as a Malamute. Known for their intelligence and aggressiveness, this breed is known to be in Top 3 of the world’s most dangerous dogs.

Husky – considered to be one of – if not the – oldest breeds of dogs worldwide, Huskies were originally not considered to be a good guard dog. However, due to their combination of size, strength and intelligence, they have become a common breed throughout Canada. Well known for their ability to work in a pack environment, Huskies are also skilled large-game hunters, which can be difficult to tame for dogs living in a civilized environment.

Akita – originally from the northern parts of Japan, Akitas have a similar double coat to that of the Husky, that are very territorial and very intolerant of other dogs that are the same gender. It’s also important to note that these dogs were never bred to live or work in group-type environments, which makes them very unsuitable for off-leash dog parks and other multiple-dog situations.

Mastiff – having originated as a Roman war dog, Mastiffs have since been bred into many different varieties, with the English Mastiff being most commonly associated with the breed. Despite having a clam demeanor around known family, the large size of these dogs (between 65-110 kg for males) can make these dogs formidable in the event of an attack.

How To Handle a Potential Attack

dog bite injury lawyersShould you or someone you love be confronted by a dog, there are some easy techniques that can be used to either prevent the attack, or to help give you a chance of avoiding serious injury.

Some of these include (but are not limited to):

  • remain calm
  • do NOT run
  • hold your position
  • stand in a non-threatening manner
  • avoid direct eye contact
  • do NOT smile
  • be prepared to fight back in the event of an attack
  • a shoe, sweater or any available sturdy object can be used to ward off an aggressive dog

In a worst-case scenario where you are bitten and unable to break free, it’s important to remember that dogs are unable to wrestle with the proficiency that a human can. With this in mind, put your entire weight on the dog and focus on the throat and ribs areas. Dog bones often break easily when moved in directions they are not designed to move and this can be used as an advantage in the event of an attack.

Common Causes of Bite Injuries

aggressive dogThere can be many different reasons why people are bitten by dogs, but an interesting statistic is that many of the serious personal injuries that occurred in Canada were caused by multiple dogs that bit children who lived in rural areas. These attacks often occurred during daylight hours between 16:00 hrs and 20:00 hours.

Some of the most common reasons that cause a dog to bite can include:

  • intentional provocation
  • being unrestrained and able to wander
  • when in a pack of multiple dogs
  • genetic predisposition
  • inadequate social training

Children often factor into dog bite statistics and often a dog pay interpret a playful action by a child to be a type of attack that can quickly escalate into the dog reacting aggressively.

Injuries Associated With Dog Bites

Every year, hundreds of individuals are treated for dog bites, dog scratches and other injuries associated with a physical altercation.While the extent of these injuries can range from mild to severe, the psychological impacts can often be long-lasting.

dog bite injury compensationSome of the most common dog bite injuries include:

  • Skull fractures
  • Virus / bacterial transmission (Rabies)
  • Death

In many cases, large amounts of soft tissue removed from the victim during the course of the attack which can often take multiple surgeries to rectify. Unfortunately, some injuries disfigure the victims for life.

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