When you need to refer a case to experienced lawyers with proven results, your search begins and ends here.

Lawyers and paralegals refer cases to Greg Monforton & Partners because they know:

  • we have never failed to pay a referral fee;
  • we’ve received and paid out millions of dollars in referral fees in the last decade alone; and
  • when making the decision to work with us, your client will receive the highest possible level of professional service and attention on the way to obtaining a favorable outcome.

It’s About Results

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Year after year, we deliver results.

We are capable of tackling some of the most legally complex and sophisticated matters in the personal injury litigation world. We have a network of recognized and renowned experts all across the country that provides tremendous leverage against our opponents.

We are proven winners, in and out of court.

And It’s About People

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We strive to protect the rights of individuals and families.  We only represent people.  We do not represent corporations or insurance companies. We aim to pursue the best possible resolution for our clients. But we do so with compassion and commitment to the clients who place their trust in us.

To learn more about Greg Monforton & Partners and what we have to offer your clients, give us a call. We’re here to help.