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Have you or someone that you love become the victim of a Cambridge auto accident?

Did you know that if you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident caused by a careless driver, you may be entitled to compensation for property damage, medical expenses, lost wages and more?

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Causes of Car Crashes

a texting driverIt’s important to note that in most instances, many auto accidents can be avoided. In fact, driver negligence is the most common cause of a motor vehicle collisions and can result in life-changing consequences for all involved.

With this in mind, legally, a driver would be considered negligent if they behaved in a way that a reasonable driver would not have; for example, a negligent driver runs a red light while a reasonable driver does not.

Some common causes of motor vehicle accidents include:

Loss of vehicle control could occur due to bad weather, however, it may also be caused by a vehicle defect. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Cambridge car accident caused by a defective vehicle, the victim may be entitled to file a product liability claim.

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Types of Auto Collisions

rear end accidentIn many instances, the cause of a collision and location of an motor vehicle collision can determine what type of collision occurred.

A common example of this would be where a head-on collision would be more likely to occur on two lane highway or perhaps a nose-tail accident taking place in a heavily congested area.

Another contributing factor is the weather, which can cause vehicles to behave differently when there is ice, snow or other materials that are caught between the tires of a vehicle and the road surface.

Some other types of collisions include:

Multi-vehicle wrecks, also known as pileups, also commonly occur on long stretches of road like a highway. These pileups can include three vehicles or in severe cases up to 50.

Common Accident Injuries

man with broken armIn Ontario, the Ministry of Transportation reported that one of the most common injuries suffered by motor vehicle accident victims was the fracture of a lower limb followed by the fracture of the neck and trunk.

It’s also worth noting that many muscular-related injuries can takes days to weeks to surface. This especially applies to whiplash type of injuries, which can cause victims to experience numbness, throbbing, headaches, sensitivity to light and a number of other symptoms days after the actual accident has occurred.

The sudden impact of an auto collision can lead to many other types of injuries, including:

Seeking medical assistance after an accident is extremely important as the shock of the collision can often omit tell-tale signs of internal injuries. Missing the signs and symptoms of an injury can prolong the amount of time it takes to receive treatment and begin the recovery process.

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