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When the front ends of two vehicles headed in opposite directions collide it is known as a head-on collision. The vehicles involved could be two trains, cars, trucks, and even boats. Head-on smashes are a very dangerous type of crash that can occur just about anywhere where a median prevents the two vehicles from colliding, although in some cases even a median may not prevent this type of crash.

Additionally this type of accident can also be single-vehicle as sometimes if a driver is trying to avoid hitting another vehicle, person, or animal they may collide with a fixed object such as a pole.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MOT) more than 216,000 motor vehicle accidents were reported throughout the province and of these approximately 516 were fatal accidents. Furthermore, in 2009 the MOT recorded more than 3,250 head-on collisions.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a head-on collision caused by another drivers negligence, the victim may be entitled to compensation for property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and more. Our experienced auto accident lawyer can provide comprehensive legal counsel on your accident.

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Causes of Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions can occur for many reasons and in some locations in order to reduce the chance of this type of accident from happening, medians and rumble strips have been erected. Unfortunately open roads without any type of prevention can quickly lead to head-on crashes when vehicles veer out of their lane and into oncoming traffic.

Some common causes of head-on accidents include:

During times of construction or poor visibility caused by bad weather a driver can easily get confused about where they are going and turn, or veer, into oncoming traffic. Drivers who are not familiar with the area may also turn onto one-way roads and end up colliding with an approaching vehicle.

Common Injuries

Approximately 2.7% of head-on accidents in Ontario were fatal and 33% caused serious personal injuries. Some common types of head-on crash injuries include:

Anyone who has been involved in a head-on smash should seek medical attention immediately to diagnose and treat their injuries. The types of injuries a person can sustain from this type of accident can be deadly or caused permanent damage if left untreated.

Injured In A Head On Accident?

Head-on collisions can occur in a split-second and could injure all those involved in the incident. If you or a loved one has been involved in this type of crash caused by another individuals carelessness and are seeking legal counsel on the matter, our lawyers are ready to help you.

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