Ontario Road Rules & Traffic Laws

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Since 2005, Canadian auto accident injuries and fatalities have been on the decline, according to numbers provided by Transport Canada’s National Collision Database.  Unfortunately, young drivers and passengers continue to have the most noticeable traffic collision statistics, largely due to the fact that these drivers may not be familiar with all the rules of the road.

Of course, there may be a number of reasons for traffic collisions, while these collisions are typically caused by a driver failing to abide by the province of Ontarios road rules. In any case, law enforcement officials and other organizations have been increasingly promoting driver safety and issuing traffic citations, therefore resulting in the decrease in accidents.

At Greg Monforton & Partners, our auto accident law firm believes in keeping our roadways safe in order to reduce the total number of traffic collisions. However, if you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, which resulted in injuries, we are here to help. Our law firm has assisted thousands of injured victims seek the legal consultation they require following a car accident, in this year alone. We are prepared to obtain the maximum compensation you deserve for your losses and damages.

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Ontario Rules of the Road

In the province of Ontario, our road rules are strictly enforced in order to keep those travelling on our roadways as safe as possible. As responsible members of this community, our lawyers believe that education is key in a drivers success and ability to avoid traffic collisions. Therefore, our legal team has gathered some rules of the road to help educate drivers in regards to Ontario traffic laws:

  • Always drive in the right lane of traffic
  • Do not use handheld devices while driving
  • Drivers must be over the age of 16
  • Drivers must possess proper license for vehicle driven
  • Obey all posted speed limits
  • Slow and pull your vehicle to the right of the road for all emergency vehicles with their lights on

Breaking an Ontario traffic law may result in serious penalties and fines, while may result in a license suspension, or an officer taking your car away. If you have more questions regarding the rules of the road, we welcome you to contact our law firm, or any law enforcement agency.

Visiting Ontario

Many visitors to Ontario may not recognize our rules, as they may be different from other provinces, or the United States. This failure to recognize the rules may result in an accident, which is why our legal team has gathered information on the rules of the road in regards to visitors.

There are two different types of drivers licenses these visitors must have to drive on our roadways, these drivers licenses are different for drivers visiting for less than three months, and those visiting for over three months. The following differentiates the two:

Visiting Less Than Three Months

Those visiting the province of Ontario for less than three months may drive with a valid drivers license from their own province, state, or country. These drivers are also required to be at least 16 years of age, have insurance coverage for your vehicle, carry verification of vehicle ownership, obey traffic laws and drive safely to avoid collisions.

Visiting More Than Three Months

Those visiting for over three months will need an International Drivers Permit from their own country. This permit allows motorists to driver their vehicle internationally when accompanied by a valid drivers license from their country. This permit will need to be obtained prior to visiting Ontario, and cannot be applied for once the visitor is here.

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