Winter Driving Safety

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Ontarians are no stranger to snow and ice. When it comes to winter driving, nearly 30% of Canadian car accidents occur on snowy or icy roads. According to Traffic Accident Information System (TAIS) reports, 5% of accidents occur during snowfall.

Its a chilling fact to know that more than 50,000 accidents a year will be affected by winter precipitation. If you or a loved one has been injured or died in an accident during snowy weather, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Canada Winter Driving Accident Statistics

Here in Windsor, over 125cm of snow falls each year, over more than 50 days, according to the National Climate Data and Information Archive. The snowiest months are between November and April, but it has been known to snow up to 8 months out of the year here in Ontario. With more than 6cm on the ground on average (and extreme snow depths of over 25cm), driving in snow is nothing new to Ontarian drivers.

The below statistics on auto accidents related to winter weather in Canada are from TAIS reports for the year 2010:

  • Environmental conditions were cited as a major contributing factor in over 30% of collisions
  • Weather conditions were cited as a factor in nearly 5% of all accidents resulting in death
  • Over 1,400 accidents included weather conditions among factors
  • Snow drift was cited as a factor in 2 fatal accidents
  • Over 500 accidents included snow drift among factors
  • Packed snow or ice was present in over 7,500 accidents, more than 26%
  • Wet conditions, loose snow or slush were present in nearly 3,500 accidents, more than 12%
  • Heavy snow was falling during nearly 1,500 accidents
  • Light snow was falling during over 900 accidents
  • Sleet or hail was falling during over 175 accidents

In Windsor, snow may be unavoidable, but accidents can be. Taking some safety measures may be able to prevent a collision. Follow the snow driving tips in the next section to do your part. If you or a loved one was involved in an accident while driving in snow, you are encourage to contact an experienced Lawyer.

What to Do if Your Vehicle Skids

Sliding into a skid can be scary, especially for someone inexperienced in winter driving. It takes some practice, but once you know what to do if your vehicle starts skidding, you can feel more confident behind the wheel in the winter.

If your rear wheels skid, take your foot off the accelerator and steer where you want the front wheels to go, usually in the direction the vehicle is skidding. If wheels swing back in the opposite direction, gently turn the wheel back to the other side, and gently repeat as necessary until the vehicle has gained traction. If you have standard brakes, pump them gently. If you have ABS brakes, apply hard, steady pressure and you will feel a pulsing sensation as the brakes engage. Ease off your brakes gently and proceed.

If your front wheels skid, remove your foot from the accelerator and shift into neutral. Do not try to steer immediately. As the wheels skid sideways, your vehicle will slow and regain traction. As this happens, steer in the direction you want the vehicle to go and shift back into drive. Then accelerate slowly.

The more practice you have driving in the winter, the more comfortable you will become handling a skidding situation. Remember that one of the best ways to avoid an incident is to avoid panic, and follow these tips for handling a skid so you don’t get stuck in the snow.

If You Get Stuck in the Snow

It may seem like a nightmare, but getting stuck in the snow doesn’t have to be a fiasco if you know what to do. Be prepared with an emergency kit and follow these tips to set your vehicle free.

  • Do not spin wheels, it will dig vehicle in deeper
  • Turn steering wheel from side to side to clear snow from wheels
  • Touch gas lightly to gain traction
  • Shovel snow away from tires and underside of vehicle
  • Coat path of tires with salt, sand, gravel or kitty litter
  • Rock vehicle back and forth by gently accelerating while alternating drive and reverse (check vehicle users manual before to avoid damage to transmission)
  • Keep one window (minimum) ajar to prevent vehicle sealing shut
  • Ensure exhaust pipe is clear and turn vehicle on hourly for approximately 10 minutes
  • Tie something bright to antenna if vehicle is immovable
  • DO NOT leave your vehicle

If what seems like the worst happens, and you’re stuck in a snow drift, call for help immediately and wait with your car. If you do not have sufficient clothing to keep yourself warm, use anything in the vehicle to insulate your body, such as paper maps, floor mats or even paper towels.

If you’re equipped with the right knowledge, you can overcome the anxiety that comes with driving in the snow and ice. If you have been affected by a winter accident, an experienced Lawyer may be able to help.

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