Rear End Collision Injury Lawsuits

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vehicle with serious rear end accident damageWhen the front end of one vehicle collides with the rear end of another vehicle, this is referred to as a rear end collision. More often than not, rear end accidents entail one vehicle coming to a stop or slowing their speed.

Recent studies have revealed that rear end accidents are amongst the most frequently-occurring types of motor vehicle collisions and in fact, almost 30 percent of all auto crashes are a direct result of a read end accident.

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Common Causes of Rear End Accidents

rear end collisionMost rear end collisions often occur when speeds travelled are rather low. Nevertheless, the damages and injuries associated with these types of crashes can be devastating, even life-threatening. In many cases the driver of the lead vehicle will spot the oncoming car in their rear view mirror.

The sudden deceleration of a lead car and the lack of reaction time of the second vehicle combine to create a rear end wreck.

The following driver actions are what cause the most rear end collisions:

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Rear End Collision Injuries

Rear End Accident Collision VictimRegardless of the speeds of the two vehicles that collide, the direction and location of a type rear end crash contributes to the number and severity of injuries sustained by the accident victims.

The force of the accident can also significantly determine the level of physical injury which in turn, may potentially have an effect on the settlement that an injury victim could receive from a damages lawsuit.

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The following mark the most typically seen injuries endured by those involved in these kinds of collisions:

When two vehicles of comparable sizes are involved in a crash each car will typically sustain the same level of property damage. On the other hand, if one of the automobiles involved in the crash is significantly bigger than the other one, the smaller of the two will suffer from serious damages, as this car will experience the brunt of the crash effects.

Some of the more severe injuries associated with these accidents are sustained by the passenger occupants of the smaller of the two cars involved. These are some of the serious injuries experienced:

Some of the symptoms linked to these injuries will take a few days to surface. As a result, it is absolutely imperative for accident victims to seek medical care as soon as possible following a crash. If you or a loved one has been in a rear end accident, you may be entitled to compensation for the losses in which you have suffered.

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Greg Monforton injury lawyerIn most cases, the at-fault driver in a rear end accident is the operator of the second vehicle. However, it is important that anyone involved in a motor vehicle collision speak with an experienced auto accident lawyer. In doing so, the accident victim is able to gain an understanding of their options, the likelihood or a successful litigation, and an action plan regarding where to go from here.

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