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Liability for Damages If Your Car Catches Fire After a Crash

A crash, even a minor one, is a traumatic experience for everyone involved. If a crash also causes a car to catch fire, the situation can rapidly turn life-threatening. In some cases, victims may suffer burn and smoke-inhalation injuries in addition to injuries sustained from the impact of the crash. Below, our legal team goes... Read More

Should I Accept Money from the At-Fault Driver at the Crash Scene?

Sometimes the at-fault driver may offer the victim money at the crash scene to avoid having to file a claim. The at-fault driver may try to settle the matter on the spot instead of exchanging insurance information and calling the police. Although it may sound like a good idea and a way to avoid all... Read More

Three-Vehicle Crash Kills Two in Leamington

Two people sustained fatal injuries on Friday morning following a three-vehicle crash in Leamington. According to a news report, the collision happened when an eastbound pickup truck crossed over the centre line on County Road 34. In the process, the pickup truck sideswiped a utility van and then crashed head-on into a sedan that was... Read More

Three Dead in Fiery Leamington Crash

Three people are dead following a fiery crash on Mersey Road 8 in Leamington. News reports say the vehicle left the road shortly before 8 p.m. on Sunday night. The vehicle first struck a bridge embankment before catching fire. Police at the scene reported finding three bodies inside the vehicle. The fiery fatal crash caused... Read More

Can Jaywalkers Be at Fault for Causing a Car Accident?

When a pedestrian gets struck by a vehicle, most people automatically assume the driver is at fault. This assumption is often true. Drivers have a duty to keep an eye out for vulnerable road users. However, if a pedestrian crosses the street illegally, he or she may be held at least partially at fault for... Read More

What if I Was in a Collision Due to Improper High Beam Use?

High beams benefit drivers on dark roads at night and at other times when it is hard to see. However, improper high beam use could be dangerous. In Ontario, there are laws to define proper use of high beams to help avoid hazards that could lead to a severe crash. However, what happens if a... Read More

Protecting Yourself if a Victim of a Staged Auto Accident in Ontario

Auto accidents can be stressful and confusing experiences. Unfortunately, scammers count on this and know how to prey on a victim’s state of mind after a crash. Deceptive drivers may try to intentionally cause an accident so they can file fraudulent claims against another driver’s liability insurance. Staged auto accidents are more common than you... Read More

Am I Covered if I Get into a Car Crash During a Test Drive?

Test driving a vehicle is the best way to determine if it is right for you. However, what if you are involved in a car crash during a test drive? What if you or someone else is injured in the crash? Is the car dealership responsible for covering the damages? What if you do not... Read More

Young Child Injured, Driver Charged After Hit-and-Run Crash

A male driver has been charged after hitting and injuring a young girl near the Ambassador Bridge blockade Friday night. Windsor Police were called to the scene at the intersection of Tecumseh Road West and Huron Church Road. The driver fled before emergency personnel arrived. Fortunately, the child did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. The... Read More

When Both Drivers Have Different Versions of the Accident

After a car crash, it is not uncommon for a driver to say that the accident happened one way and the other driver to say something entirely different. This is a typical “he said, she said” situation. Different versions of the accident can make it harder to determine who is at fault and liable for... Read More