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What if Your Loved One Suffered a Brain Stem Injury in a Windsor Accident?

Many personal injuries have the potential to cause lifelong changes to your physical capabilities, but few are as devastating as brain stem injuries. Your brain stem sends messages to and from the cerebral cortex, controlling motor function, breathing and other essential processes that keep you alive. Damage to the brain stem is often fatal, short... Read More

What Parents Need to Know About Liability For Summer Camp Injuries in Ontario

Children can have a lot of fun at summer camp and learn valuable lessons about leadership, independence and working with others. Despite these benefits, there are risks. Namely the potential for a variety of injuries. When an injury occurs, there are important questions for parents to consider. Could your child’s injury have been prevented? If... Read More

What Are My Legal Rights if I Get Injured at an Outdoor Festival or Event in Ontario?

Summer is almost here and that means plenty of outdoor events catered to a variety of interests, from live music and food to culture-themed gatherings. While everyone wants to have fun at these events, sometimes the fun is cut short by a personal injury. It is important to know your rights and legal options after... Read More

Why Your Credibility is So Important During a Personal Injury Claim

There are many important elements of a personal injury claim, including the cost of the victim’s medical treatment, evidence from the scene of the crash and insurance policy limits to name a few. One element of an injury claim that sometimes gets less attention is the credibility of the victim. Your credibility is critical to... Read More

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Settling an Injury Claim?

If you were injured by someone else’s negligence, such as in a car accident or slip and fall, you have the right to seek compensation for your damages. There are two main ways to obtain compensation for a personal injury. You can either settle with the liable insurance company or file a lawsuit. Many personal... Read More

Why Injured Victims Are Often Unable to Work at Their Jobs

Some injured victims may think they can tough it out and continue working while they are recovering. However, an injury could make it very difficult to continue working in the same capacity as before. You may need to limit your hours, avoid certain activities, take frequent breaks or take other steps to make it possible... Read More

Understanding the Burden of Proof in an Injury Claim

In any injury case, the burden of proof falls on the victim. What does this mean exactly and what do victims have to do to meet this requirement? Learn more about the burden of proof in an injury claim, including why it plays such a critical role in the success of your case. Have you... Read More

Injury Claim vs. Lawsuit – How Are They Different?

It can be daunting if another person’s negligence causes you harm and leaves you with costly medical bills and other damages. When seeking compensation to recover those losses, however, the legal process is rarely straightforward. Should you file an injury claim or a lawsuit? Are these legal processes one and the same? In short, they... Read More

Can Waivers of Liability Be Enforced in Ontario?

Many recreational activities, from skiing to attending organized events, require participants to sign a waiver of liability. Most participants who sign a waiver may not fully understand the legal implications involved if they suffer a personal injury and whether the waiver is even valid and enforceable. Below, our legal team explains liability waivers in greater... Read More

What Are the Steps in an Ontario Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you have suffered a personal injury due to another’s negligence, you may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit to pursue compensation. The problem is the legal process can be complex and confusing to try to manage on your own. That is why it is in your best interest to have an experienced... Read More