Teenage Distracted Driving in Ontario

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Transport Canada has reported that around 20,000 teen drivers were injured in car crashes and 234 were killed throughout the country in 2010. Furthermore, nearly 1.1 million people under the age of 19 became licensed drivers in 2010, with these numbers constantly increasing throughout recent years.

Distracted driving is defined by anything that takes a driver’s attention away from the road. The Alberta Ministry of Transportation has stated that distracted drivers have three times the chance of being involved in an accident than drivers that are paying attention.

At Greg Monforton and Partners, our car accident lawyers have great sympathy for those injured in distracted driving accidents, and offer our assistance to those interested in exploring their legal options. Our lawyers also operate on a contingency fee basis, so we will not charge for our services unless a successful verdict or settlement has been established and you recover financially for your losses and damages.

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Types of Teen Driver Distractions

In most instances, teen drivers are more likely to become involved in a car accident because they lack the experience of an older driver. Of course, distraction can occur in many different forms including cognitive, visual and manual. As we can imagine, there are many things in a car that could cause these types of distractions to a teen driver.

However, aside from sheer distractions, inexperience and a nonchalant attitude toward the task at hand are common contributing factors to the plague of collisions involving teenagers. To avoid your teen being involved in an accident, it is wise to educate them on the dangers and risks of the road, and spend as much time as you can driving with your teen while they have their G1 or learner’s permit.

Some types of teen driver distractions include:

  • Adjusting vehicle controls
  • Applying makeup
  • Changing a song
  • Eating or drinking while driving
  • Manipulating GPS devices
  • Adjusting music volume
  • Passenger distractions
  • Personal grooming
  • Pets in the car
  • Smoking
  • Studying while driving
  • Talking on the phone
  • Texting and driving

By performing these actions, a teenage driver is more likely to become involved in a collision with another vehicle on the roadway, a pedestrian or fixed object.

Types of Driver Distraction Collisions

Although there have been several advancements in automobiles to assist drivers in avoiding a crash, teen drivers may lack the ability to respond to these hazards correctly and in a timely manner, especially if they are driving while distracted.

Some types of driver distraction collisions include:

Following any of these types of crashes, it is common for individuals to suffer from many different types of injuries. These injuries will typically vary in severity depending on a number of different factors.

Types of Injuries Caused by Driver Distractions

When a driver causes an accident because they were distracted, they most likely did not have time to adjust their driving habits to avoid the crash. This means that if a driver was speeding, for example, they most likely did not have enough time to slow their vehicle down to avoid the accident. Therefore, there will most likely be severe damages, injuries and possibly, death as a result.

Some types of injuries caused by driver distractions include:

After an accident, our lawyers advise that you seek the attention of a medical professional. This will prevent further injuries from occurring, assist in the healing process of any injuries, and also provide injured victims with medical documentation needed by our lawyers to formulate a robust case against the negligent and injury-causing driver or entity.

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