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dangerous driving accident lawsuitsIn Ontario, dangerous driving is an offense that falls under criminal code; requirements for such a citation are that the drivers maneuvers are dangerous to the public in consideration of all circumstances, including the nature, condition and use of the place where the offense takes place, as well as the amount of traffic existing/expected at that time. The driving behavior must differ markedly from the standard care of a sensible person.

A dangerous driving conviction is added to the drivers criminal record and in the province of Ontario, an automatic one-year license suspension. Penalties for subsequent offenses include longer suspensions, from three years to an indefinite period.

A drivers recklessness can often lead to a serious accident where severe injury or even death may occur.

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Examples of Dangerous Driving

The motivations behind taking unsafe action on the road may vary, and the frequency with which a person will drive dangerously is also inconsistent, but the risk doesn’t change. Dangerous drivers are not thinking about the accidents they are liable to cause. In order to take measures to protect yourself and your vehicle, it is good to know some of the dangerous behaviors that can constitute this criminal behavior.

Unsafe driving behaviors include:

There is approximately one passenger vehicle for every 2 Canadian residents. It is important for the health and safety of all citizens that drivers be more thoughtful and share the road. If you know someone who has been injured due to another drivers negligence, an experienced litigator may be able to help.

What Do I Do If I am Hit by a Dangerous Driver?

Sharing the road with someone who has a shameless disregard for the safety of others can be more than nerve-wracking. Defensive driving techniques and other tips can help you to remain in control of your responses and your vehicle.

Some guidelines for driving near a dangerous driver:

  • Ensure all vehicle occupants wear a seat belt no exceptions
  • Change lanes to avoid the dangerous vehicle when possible
  • Do not challenge aggressive drivers
  • Avoid making eye contact or hand gestures toward the dangerous driver
  • Contact local law enforcement to report the aggressive driver
  • If you witness a collision, stop at a safe distance away to await local law enforcement

Keep an eye on your rear-view mirror to scan for dangerous drivers to avoid them. It is easiest to avoid an aggressively dangerous driver on a multi-lane highway, and in most cases, simply moving out of the lane where the dangerous vehicle is travelling will be enough. If you encounter a dangerous driver behind you on a one-lane road, pull over to the shoulder when it is safe to do so, and let the aggressive driver pass.

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A dangerous, reckless drivers actions can often end in disaster due to speed and erratic maneuvers. Unfortunately, most motorists will encounter a dangerous driver at least once in their driving careers.

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