Ontario Man Charged for Driving Snow-Covered Car

cars covered in snowA Brussels, Ontario, man made international headlines Wednesday after being ticketed for driving his vehicle covered in a thick slab of snow.

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) shared a photo of the car on Twitter, which quickly went viral. The vehicle was covered in approximately 20 centimeters of snow with only a small portion of the drivers side windshield cleared.

The 80-year-old man received a $110 fine and a charge under The Highway Traffic Act for not having a clear view from his vehicle. He told police that he was simply too old and weak to clear the entire windshield.

After issuing the ticket, the officer helped the man clear the rest of the snow from his vehicle. He also reminded him that in the future, he needs to remove all of the snow from his vehicle before he heads out on the road.

A Lesson in Snow Safety

About 60 centimeters of snow blanketed the Huron region Monday evening, leaving many drivers with the task of removing snow from their vehicles before hitting the road Tuesday morning.

OPP used the photo as an important reminder to motorists that they need to take a few extra minutes to clean their car off after heavy snow fall.

An OPP media spokesperson encouraged drivers to put their safety, as well as that of everyone else on the road, first and take a few minutes to prep vehicles for driving.

He reminded everyone that this is a serious issue. When driving in blizzard-like conditions, you have to be able to see, or you could cause a serious accident.

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