Edmonton Bringing Awareness to Pedestrian Accidents

pedestrian crossing the streetPedestrian safety is a growing concern for residents in Edmonton. Nine pedestrians have been hit by cars since the start of December.

Harry Brar, a local driving examiner, takes his job personally. Whenever a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, he is reminded of his relative who was killed by a hit and run driver, leaving behind his children and wife. Even though the hit and run driver was caught, Brar still lost a family member.

Since December 1st, four pedestrians hit by vehicles have died. Just this week, a man was hospitalized after being hit by a truck while he was in a crosswalk.

Brar encourages people to use common sense when driving. Pedestrians always have the right of way, regardless of the circumstances. Drivers should begin paying more attention when approaching intersections and notice if there are any bicyclists or pedestrians on foot or in wheelchairs.

Additionally, drivers should check both sides of the street. It is not enough to just glance in one direction. Drivers must look in the opposite direction as well and look for more than just cars.

Pedestrians are not off the hook either. They must share the responsibility with drivers by making solid eye contact and abiding by the law.

With warmer winter weather, more pedestrians are out walking. Due to increased pedestrian activity, more collisions are occurring.

The director of Edmonton’s office of traffic safety advises pedestrians to wear reflective clothes and strobe lights at night to increase visibility for drivers. Edmonton is doing its part by adding flashing lights at crosswalks around schools.

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