Winter Weather Brings Dangerous Driving Conditions

winter weather drivingAfter an unseasonably warm start to winter, a severe winter weather storm stretching all the way from Texas has brought with it the first significant snowfall of the year for the Windsor region. And with that comes treacherous winter driving conditions.

With the roads covered in ice, snow and freezing rain for the start of this week, there are a few important winter weather driving tips you should remember if you are heading out on the road.

  • Regularly check weather and road conditions before heading out
  • Clear any snow and ice from your vehicle
  • Leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle ahead of you
  • Keep a phone charger in your car and your phone charged at all times
  • Do not use cruise control or overdrive
  • Drive slowly and cautiously and allow extra travel time
  • Keep a safe distance behind snow plows and do not pass on their right
  • Wear warm and comfortable clothing
  • Turn your lights on for increased visibility
  • Put away any distractions while driving

Your vehicle will also require extra care and attention during winter months. Follow these tips to make sure your vehicle is prepared for winter weather.

  • Keep a full tank of gas to reduce moisture in the fuel system and weigh down your vehicle
  • Use winter tires for better traction, handling and braking
  • Find out how your vehicle responds to emergency braking
  • Always keep a survival kit with gloves, booster cables, a small shovel, first aid kit, and other important items

Winter weather often brings with it dangerous driving conditions. If you or someone you love is injured this winter season because of a negligent driver, contact the car accident lawyers at Greg Monforton & Partners for help getting the compensation you deserve.

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