Teenager Describes Aftermath of Head-On Crash on Highway 3

ambulance on road with flashing lightsHead-on collisions are extremely dangerous and often result in life-changing injuries. Recently, the Windsor Star published an article about a head-on crash that occurred late last year.

18-year-old Sarah Viglianti was involved in a serious head-on collision on October 11 near Kingsville. She suffered numerous severe injuries, including a collapsed lung, concussion, bruised heart and fractures so severe bones were protruding from her body.

She was recently interviewed by the Windsor Star and talked about the aftermath of last year’s life-changing crash. She said she is bitter and angry about what happened. She is dealing with pain each day and the injuries she suffered could cause permanent impairment.

She still needs more testing for her leg because she cannot lift her foot. She is going to need more surgery, as pieces of bone in her right arm are missing. Doctors hope to use bone material from Viglianti’s hip to replace the lost pieces.

The surgeon who is working on her arm injuries says she may have trouble with her arm for the rest of her life.

Her severe injuries have been devastating to her mental health, as she has been diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety.

Viglianti has had to put her studies at the University of Windsor on hold.

Despite the severity of her injuries, the at-fault driver may only face up to two years of imprisonment, five-year driver’s licence suspension and a fine between $2,000 and $50,000. Viglianti does not think the potential punishment would be severe enough.

“I really hope the justice system sends a message,” Viglianti said.

She warns other drivers to be careful because you never know how other drivers are going to behave.

Recounting the Day of the Crash

On the night of October 11, Sarah Viglianti’s life was forever changed, as she was involved in a head-on collision.

She was going back home from Leamington. She was heading west in her sedan when an SUV crossed the center line to try to pass another vehicle. The SUV hit Viglianti’s car head on.  The driver never put on a turn signal to warn Viglianti. She says he simply pulled out into traffic.

The passenger side of her vehicle was destroyed – if someone had been in the passenger’s seat that person would likely have died in the crash.

The airbags in the sedan knocked Viglianti’s nose ring and glasses off. She realized soon after the collision she was injured worse than she had ever been injured before. She was in a state of shock and needed adrenaline to help her get through.

Viglianti was stuck in the car and firefighters had to pry her out. She did not think she would survive as she waited with bones sticking out of her body.

She was taken straight to hospital from the scene so all her injuries could be diagnosed and treated. She needed three blood transfusions during the first surgery.

She was in the hospital for the rest of October and eventually left in November. She needed to spend two weeks in a live-in rehabilitation facility.

The at-fault driver has never communicated with her. The driver’s case was in provincial offences court on Monday.

Viglianti will be providing a victim impact statement at some point. She is also considering taking civil action against the driver.

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