Smartwatches Could Lead to Changes in Canadas Distracted Driving Laws

smartwatch accidentWith smartwatches becoming the next big thing in technology, law enforcement is facing an uphill battle in fighting distracted driving.

The use of hand-held phones and other forms of hand-held technology is illegal in Ontario. Unfortunately, smartwatches seem to fall in a grey area.

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In October 2013, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) revealed there was no regulation in place to address Google Glass. Fast forward nearly two years later, and now another technological device is threatening the safety of drivers.

OPP Sgt. Peter Leon told Yahoo! Canada that smartwatches are a distraction and drivers may be fined for driving while distracted or with careless driving. News sites have already reported that one Canadian driver was slapped with a $150 fine and four demerit points when police caught him changing songs on his Apple watch.

Several provinces are taking steps to curb distracted driving accidents. Manitoba recently changed its distracted driving law; distracted drivers will now lose two to five points and be charged a $200 fine. In Ontario, distracted drivers will lose three demerit points and be fined upwards of $1,000. While in Nova Scotia, fines can range upwards of $578 and the loss of four demerit points.

The OPP understands that technology will continue to evolve, and so will they in order to keep the roadways safe.

At Greg Monforton & Partners, we believe that is also up to motorists to continue to practice safe driving habits and avoid distractions while driving.

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