OPPs Weeklong Distracted Driving Offensive Results in Dozens of Charges

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Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) staged a weeklong crackdown on distracted driving, with officers in Essex County issuing a total of 60 citations for distracted driving and six for careless driving.

The campaign ran from March 14 March 20 and nabbed an impressive number of motorists for engaging in dangerous behaviors like texting while driving.

According to a 2009 amendment to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, drivers are strictly prohibited from operating an electronic device while behind the wheel. That includes smartphones, tablets, and any device that can send or receive text messages or emails.

OPP officers in Chatham-Kent cited 35 drivers for distracted driving and three for careless driving, while Lambton OPP handed down 46 distracted driving charges within the same window.

Reports from OPP indicate that there were 288 deaths on roadways patrolled by the agency. Of that total, 73 deaths were linked to driver distraction.

According to OPP, driver inattention was a factor in more fatal accidents last year than speeding, lack of seatbelt use, or impairment from drugs or alcohol.

The public played an important role in this campaign and OPP says its support was strongly felt. Distracted driving is increasingly becoming a leading cause of car accidents, and raising awareness about its dangers is critical. To reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by such reckless behavior, the public must be educated about its risks, even if that means issuing an increased amount of citations.

OPP continues to crackdown on the illegal act of texting while driving.

Do your part to reduce the dangers on our roadways by staying focused on the road as you drive. Resist the urge to check emails and send text messages until you reach your destination.

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