CAA Announces Ontarios Top 10 Worst Roads

After tallying up the votes for more than a month, the Canadian Auto Association (CAA) has announced which roads in Ontario are the absolute worst to travel.

And the winners/losers are

  • Dufferin Street
  • Stanley Avenue
  • Kipling Avenue
  • Finch Avenue West
  • Burlington Street East
  • Bayview Avenue
  • Carling Avenue
  • Markham Road
  • Lawrence Avenue East
  • Wilson Avenue

Many of these roads have been on the list for the past few years. In fact, Dufferin Street has been named the worst road at least three years in a row. Interestingly, Stanley Avenue seems to have gotten much worse over this past year, in 2013 it was ranked 10th worst.

According to CAA, the majority of voters complained about crumbling pavement and potholes on these streets. Additionally, about 31 per cent more people voted and more than 2,000 streets were nominated.worst roads in Ontario

The worst roads campaign aims to raise awareness about what these bad roads cost drivers, which is mainly bodily damage to their vehicles. Misalignments, damage to shocks and struts, and wasted fuel could all be caused by bad road conditions. More importantly though is the heightened risk of a tire blowout or an auto accident. Some drivers may drive recklessly to avoid potholes and cracks on the road which can put pedestrians and cyclists at risk.

CAA is hoping that by listing which roads are unsafe for motorists, the government will work to fix them. Although Dufferin Street has remained on the list year after year, some have dropped off of the top 10 over the years which means they could be getting repaired.

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