What Are the Most Dangerous Types of Car Accidents in Ontario?

front of totaled carAny Ontario auto accident can cause serious injuries. That is why crash victims should never take a crash lightly.

Despite the fact any crash can be dangerous, some are much more likely to have catastrophic results. Our experienced lawyers discuss some of the most dangerous and costly accident types, explaining what makes these collisions so dangerous.

If you were injured in any of the accidents discussed below, you should call an experienced lawyer for assistance. Catastrophic injuries require expensive treatments, and insurance companies are not known for paying out full compensation with no questions asked. In fact, they often fight hard to avoid paying anywhere near full compensation.

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Head-On Crashes

These crashes are extremely dangerous, no matter how fast both vehicles are traveling when they collide. Even if you are traveling at just 20 kilometers per hour (kph), it is not going to feel like a 20 kph crash. The force of impact is the speed of your vehicle combined with the speed of the other vehicle. If the other vehicle was also traveling at 20 kph, it will feel like you were traveling at 40 kph.

Statistically speaking, head-on crashes are more likely to result in life-changing or fatal injuries. While head-on crashes are dangerous at low speed, they often occur at high speed. This is often because the at-fault driver was drunk or drowsy.

Rollover Crashes

These types of accidents are rare, but when they happen, they often cause severe injuries. This is because vehicle occupants often experience multiple impacts and get thrown around when the vehicle tips over. In other types of crashes, there is likely to be just one impact that can cause injuries.

Another danger with these crashes is that occupants can get ejected from their vehicles. Occupants could get pinned to the pavement. This can cause dangerous crush injuries.

While any vehicle could rollover, the risk is much higher for larger vehicles that are higher off the ground, like SUVs.

T-Bone/Side Impact Crashes

Vehicles are better able to absorb frontal or rear impacts as opposed to side impacts. This is why these crashes have the potential to cause lasting injuries. For example, the collision could cause the door to collapse inward on your leg, pinning it under the dashboard.

Side-impact collisions are not as common as other types, like rear-end collisions. This is because T-bone crashes are caused by extreme forms of negligence, such as ignoring red lights or stop signs. Drivers may do this because they are in a rush or because they are distracted. Alcohol impairment may also play a role in these collisions. That is why it is so important for all drivers to obey traffic signals and respect other drivers’ right of way.

Rear-End Collisions

Year after year, these are some of the most common collisions that happen on Ontario roads.

One of the main culprits is inattention to driving. Many drivers are distracted by their smartphones or other things besides driving. Drivers also tend to follow other vehicles much too closely. When you combine that with distraction, it is harder to avoid a crash when the lead driver suddenly hits the brakes.

One of the most common injuries from these crashes is whiplash. This occurs when your head gets whipped forward and thrown back during impact. This is something that can happen to occupants of the lead vehicle or the trailing vehicle in a rear-end crash.

Multi-Vehicle/Chain Reaction Crashes

Multi-vehicle crashes are often a serious of rear-end crashes. One car hits another, that hits another, and so on. Multi-vehicle collisions can also occur on highways at high speed. When one vehicle hits another, they could both be propelled into other nearby vehicles. Sometimes oncoming cars are unable to stop before hitting the first two vehicles that were involved in the collision.

The danger with chain-reaction crashes like these is that there are multiple impacts. This increases the odds of serious injuries and injuries to multiple body parts.

Off-Road Collisions

Some collisions send vehicles off the road. Sometimes this is not that dangerous because there is enough space for the vehicles to come to rest without hitting something else. However, more often, going off road results in vehicles flipping over or hitting fixed objects This could happen because there is a ditch on the roadside.

Some off-road collisions involve just one vehicle. The driver lost control and veered off the road. This could be because the driver was distracted or drowsy. Sometimes drivers lose control because they are driving too fast for the weather conditions.

These collisions can sometimes cause the vehicle to rollover. This is because the tires could hit something and cause the vehicle to begin to tip over. If the vehicle is heading down an embankment, a rollover may be much more likely.

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