Transport Canada: Tips to Keep Kids Safe

windsor car seat injury law firmCanada’s auto safety agency, the Motor Vehicle Safety Directorate encourages parents to buckle their children up properly. 

No matter how short the distance, children should always be restrained properly.The majority of injuries to children can be prevented. 

The safety concerns are real: nearly 10,000 Canadian children are injured or killed in auto accidents each year. 

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The Stages of Child Safety in Vehicles

The country’s auto safety agency provides parents with information regarding the most critical steps in child car safety. 

There are at least three things that parents should learn, including: 

  • What stage a child is in
  • Selecting a safe child seat 
  • Installing a child seat
  • Safely restraining the child 

Depending on the age of the child, parents may need to purchase different child seats, including: 

  • Rear-facing car seats
  • Forward-facing seats
  • Booster seats

Determining When to Use Which Seat

Parents are advised to use rear-facing seats from the time that children are born until they are between 30 and 40 pounds. Parents may begin transitioning children to forward-facing seats when the child reaches 30 pounds and only if the child has outgrown the height and weight restrictions of the seat. 

When children no longer need to use a car seat but are not tall enough for a seat belt, parents should use booster seats to help locate the seat belt properly across the lap and shoulder. Once children weigh about 80 pounds and are tall enough, parents should always use the seat belts. 

The agency recommends that parents keep their children in each state as long as possible and that parents always place children in the backseat when possible. 

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