Injuries to Children Involved In Auto Accidents

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According to the Childrens Health & Safety Association of Canada, every year more than 10,000 children under the age of 12 are injured in car accidents, while some are fatally injured. Surveys conducted also demonstrate that nearly 80 percent of Canadian children were improperly restrained while travelling in a passenger vehicle.

As this situation may be a parents worst nightmare, motor vehicle accidents continue to be the leading cause of death and hospitalizations for children under the age of 14 in Canada. The statistics above demonstrate how crucial it is to have the proper booster seats and restraining systems for our children to keep them safe on our Windsor roadways.

The car accident lawyers at Greg Monforton & Partners would like to inform parents of children injured in car accidents that they are not alone. Our lawyers understand how traumatizing it may be to have anything happen to their child, as many of our lawyers are also parents. Therefore we will work tirelessly and use all of our resources and experienced to provide you and your child with the justice they deserve.

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Types of Injuries to Children during Auto Accidents

In Ontario, Canada there are certain car and booster seat laws which are required by our government. Here, Highway Traffic Act s. 106, Seat Belt Assemblies, Regulation 613, it states that Children must ride in a rear-facing car seat until they are a minimum of 20 lbs. (9 kg). Toddlers who weigh 9 kg or more, but less 18 kg (20-40 lbs.), are to travel forward facing. May travel rear facing if the manufacturer of the child car seat being used recommends its use by toddlers.

Many times parents will fail to follow these laws, which can lead to many types of injuries if a car accident occurs. These injuries can cause lifelong problems to children and severe psychological damages. Some common injuries to children during traffic collisions include:

Although these are all horrific types of injuries that can occur to children, wrongful death and spinal cord injuries are the most devastating. Having a child suffer from partial or total paralysis can take away all enjoyment to a child and their peers, more so a wrongful death is simply devastating to everyone.

Stages of Car Seats

In order to discover which type of car seat will be of greatest safety value for each child, there have been four stages of car seats created. These stages begin with infants and can be followed all the way up to the point at which your child can ride in the car without the need of a car seat. The stages of car seats include:

Stage 1: Rear-Facing Infant Seat

This type of seat is required by Canadian law for newborns and infants that weigh zero to 10 kg. This age range usually ranges from birth to when a child is around one year old.

Stage 2: Forward-Facing Child Seat

According to Canadian law, if a child can walk unassisted and has outgrown the above height and weight restrictions for a rear-facing car seat, they are ready for a forward-facing car seat. A forward-facing car seat is typically used for children 10 to 30 kg and ages one to four and a half years old.

Stage 3: Booster Seat

Once your child becomes too tall for their child seat, they will be ready for a booster seat. A good way to determine this is to check if the mid-point of your childs ears ire above the car seat. Stage three will typically include children weighing between 18 and 27 kg and are between four and a half to eight years old.

Stage 4: Seat Belt

Once your child is over 27 kg and around eight to twelve years old, they are ready to start using a seatbelt. It is advised to teach our children that it is the law for us to buckle our seatbelts in Canada.

Whichever stage your child may be, it is always safest to have your child travel in the rear seat of your automobile.

Child Car Seat Manufacturer Contact Information

Depending on which features you elect to include on your childs car seat, there are many different types of car seats parents may want to choose from. Therefore, there are also several different manufacturers that offer a variety of different features. Our lawyers have gathered some of the leading car seat manufacturers along with their contact information in order to allow parents to contact them with any questions they have regarding car seats. Of course, our lawyers are also available for these types of questions and any concerns about your childs safety while on our roadways.

Some car seat manufacturers name and contact information includes to following:

Company NamePrimary Contact Phone
Baby Trend Inc.1-800-328-7363
Britax Child Safety, Inc.1-888-427-4829
Canadian Tire Corp.
Chicco USA, Inc.
Combi USA, Inc.
Diono, Inc.
Dorel Juvenile Group
Evenflo Company Inc.
Graco Childrens Products
Harmony Juvenile Products
Learning Curve Brands, Inc.
Magna Aftermarket Inc./ CLEK Inc.
Orbit Baby Inc.
Perego Canada

If you require any further guidance regarding car seat laws or which car seat is a right fit for your child, we welcome you t contact our law firm with any questions or concerns.

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