Why Do Ontario SUV Crashes With Smaller Vehicles Have a Higher Risk of Serious Injury?

angled image of a black SUVThere are many benefits to driving an SUV or large pickup truck. You can often transport more people than you could in a smaller passenger vehicle. SUVs and larger pickup trucks also have more cargo room.

Large vehicles like these also offer much more protection in a crash. Unfortunately, the extra protection often comes at the expense of those in smaller vehicles.

Below, Greg Monforton and Partners discusses the added risks of crashes involving SUVs, including crashes involving bicycle riders and pedestrians.

If you were injured in an SUV crash, you may need significant compensation. For decades, our experienced Ontario-based auto accident lawyers have been obtaining compensation for victims of many types of serious crashes.

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How SUVs Put Occupants of Smaller Vehicles at Risk

One of the main differences between SUVs and other passenger vehicles is that SUVs are higher off the ground. In some ways, this gives drivers a better view of the road.

This also means, however, that if an SUV hits a smaller car, it will come into contact with the weaker parts of the car at impact.

For example, the SUV’s front bumper could hit the window of the smaller passenger vehicle. Getting into a crash with an SUV while you are in a smaller vehicle could cause you, but if it happens, the best-case scenario would be to have the SUV hit the strongest parts of your car.

These larger, heavier vehicles also generate more force than smaller vehicles, so the damage they cause to smaller vehicles will also be greater

When you combine SUVs’ height, weight and size with driver negligence, the risk of catastrophic injuries is much higher. Examples of driver negligence that often cause collisions include:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Following other cars too closely
  • Running through red lights

Pedestrians and Bicyclists Are Also at Greater Risk

There is no such thing as a safe collision between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian or bicyclist. However, pedestrians and cyclists are much more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries in a collision with an SUV. This is because SUVs are higher off the ground, so while cars are more likely to hit riders and pedestrians in the legs, SUVs are more likely to hit them in the midsection.

There is nothing safe about getting hit in the legs by a car, but a hit to the midsection has a higher risk of causing a fatal internal injury. If you get hit in the legs, you are probably going to be propelled forward onto the hood. While this can be incredibly painful, the risk of fatal injury is much lower.

Pedestrians and bicycle riders are also more likely to get run over by SUVs than cars. This is because the collision hits people in their center of gravity. This is likely to propel them backward and then under the SUV. Getting thrown down on the pavement is more likely to cause severe, life-altering injuries.

Another reason pedestrians and cyclists have a greater risk for catastrophic injuries when hit by an SUV is that these vehicles have larger blind spots than cars. These bigger blind zones make it much harder to see people who are walking or riding their bikes.

Seeking Compensation After a Crash Caused by an SUV Driver

If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a crash with an SUV, it may be due to a driver’s negligent actions. For example, the driver may not have been paying attention or maybe he or she failed to check a blind spot before making a turn or changing lanes.

If the SUV driver could have reasonably prevented the collision, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries and damages. Injuries from an SUV collision are likely to be severe, often requiring surgery and a long recovery period.

Despite what happened, the at-fault driver and his or her insurance company will likely try to avoid accountability. Victims and their families need a strong advocate for their interests.

At Greg Monforton and Partners, we have decades of experience managing the legal process and have obtained millions on behalf of our clients. When you hire our firm, we take on each step of the process. You do not need to worry about gathering evidence, determining how much your claim may be worth, negotiating, or making sure you do not miss important details. We want you to be able to fully focus on trying to recover from your injuries.

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