What are Contingency Fees?

document about fees and expensesAt Greg Monforton & Partners, we charge nothing up front to handle your personal injury case. Our costs are advanced while we represent you and collected only in the event of a successful case.

If your lawyer wins your case in a negotiated settlement or jury verdict at trial, we are paid a set percentage of your awarded compensation. The percentage can vary, based on the case type, and will be discussed in your free initial consultation.

Our law firm takes the financial risk, because if your lawyer recovers no compensation for you, we do not get paid.

Why Would a Lawyer Work Without an Upfront Deposit?

Our firm understands that most people cannot pay a lawyer money up front. Working on contingency helps us to provide the legal services you need without the financial burden. Advancing the costs in this way also helps to level the legal playing field, especially when you are up against insurance companies. These big corporations use their significant financial resources to help them pay as little money on your claim possible.

What Can You Expect in Your Free Consultation?

Your free consultation serves multiple purposes. It is a confidential, no-obligation meeting to discuss your case and answer your questions about the legal process and the fees we charge. We take time during your consultation to explain these fees, the percentage we charge and when we are paid.

If you hire our services, we will provide a contract detailing our fee schedule, as discussed, as well as when and how it is paid. You should review this document carefully with your lawyer to be sure you understand what you will be charged. Both you and the lawyer must sign this document before any work can begin.

How is Compensation Paid Out if My Lawyer Wins My Case?

If your lawyer wins your case, he or she will provide a final statement with the total amount of your compensation. This document also includes lawyer fees and other disbursements that were paid on your behalf during your case, such as costs for photocopying or obtaining medical reports.

After you and your lawyer sign this final legal bill, the money will be disbursed. After paying our fees and other outstanding debts, the remaining compensation will be paid to you.

How Other Types of Lawyers Charge Their Fees

Not all lawyers can offer contingency fee arrangements. Some are required to charge up front for their fees and other costs. In this situation, clients will typically have to pay a deposit, called a retainer, and the lawyer will then bill for services on an hourly basis.

Retainers are often thousands of dollars, while hourly fees run in the hundreds. You can see how quickly these costs can add up, making it difficult for most people to even think about hiring legal representation.

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If you need legal help and are interested in pursuing a claim using our contingency fee arrangement, we encourage you to contact our firm for more information.

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