Careless Driver Crashes into Multiple Cars in Local Neighborhood

accident in Windsor neighborhoodAn early morning collision jarred local Windsor residents as a careless driver crashed into six vehicles, causing serious damage.

The collision occurred just before 1 a.m. on Monday on Moy Avenue in the 800 block. A witness who lives in the neighborhood said the woman overcorrected after almost hitting two parked vehicles, which caused her to slam into several with other vehicles. The man said he could see car lights passing by the house as the vehicle spun. Wet road conditions and speed may have played a role in the crash.

He was watching a movie when he heard a loud sound of crumpling metal. He said he knew something was wrong and way too close to his house as he jumped out of his chair, put on shoes and called 911 as he headed out the door.

Outside he found a man and woman standing near the crash and arguing about a cigarette lighter. The man told them not to light up since fluids were pouring out of the vehicle and an open flame could cause an explosion.

When police arrived, the two seemed confused about the direction they had been traveling. They said they were heading to a convenience store in the area. The 22-year-old female driver was charged with careless driving. Police reported that the two suffered minor injuries.

Drivers who are charged with careless driving can face up to six months of imprisonment, have their license or permit suspended up to two years, and face fines of $400 to $2,000 per incident.

Additionally, a driver’s record will be hit with six demerit points that could affect whether or not a driver keeps his or her license. Insurance rates may increase as well if convicted. Fatalities and serious injuries, along with property damage, are just some of the consequences of careless driving.

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