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Army ID tags on a Canadian flagThe Canadian Veterans Disability Pension was created to help provide injured military service members with financial payments in the event that a service member sustains a service-related disability that prevents them from performing employment tasks that they were able to perform prior to their injury.

While Veterans Affairs Canada is responsible for providing these benefits to Canadian veterans, it's important to note that many first-time applications are rejected - despite the applicant being eligible to receive disability benefits.

If you or someone you love has been denied veterans benefits - or are not sure if they are eligible - contact the team of Windsor veterans disability lawyers here at Greg Monforton and Partners. We can help determine if you are eligible for payments and assist you with the application - or reapplication - process.

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What Types of Benefits Are Available?

The Canadian Veterans Affairs currently offers two different types of benefits that are available to Canadian military service members and other eligible applicants.

These are:

Disability Pension - this benefit is the most common veteran financial assistance program and provides monthly, tax-free payments to eligible individuals.

Disability Award - this benefit provides general financial assistance to service members that have sustained an injury while in active military service. It is tax-free and was designed to provide immediate financial support for those injured while serving our country. It provides support for medical expenses, health care benefits, a retirement benefit and a monthly income to help replace wages that may be lost while participating in Veteran Affairs' rehabilitation program.

As some of these benefits can become complex and confusing, here at our firm we can help to explain these requirements in an easy to understand manner and guide you through the entire application process.

Who Is Eligible To Receive Payments?

While the individual requirements of each applicant can vary slightly, there are six primary types of veterans that are currently eligible to receive a disability pension from the VA.

This list includes:

  • Civilians that have served in close support of Canadian armed forces during war
  • Veterans of the Second World War
  • Veterans of the Korean War
  • Former and current members of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
  • Members and veterans of Canadian Forces
  • Certain survivors and dependent's of Canadian veterans

It's important to note that any disability payments that are granted will often awarded based on the degree of disability that the injury has caused and the overall extent of the injury.

However, the years of military service or the rank of the service member has no bearing on the compensation amount.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements?

In order to be eligible to receive Veterans disability payments, there are some criteria that the applicant must meet in order to qualify.

Some of these requirements include:

  • An ability to display that the disability or injury is related to the applicants military service
  • Being able to have the condition diagnosed by an approved medical facility
  • Proof of current or previous military service
  • Proof of your relationship to an active or previously active service member

Being able to provide this information enables the applicant to file a more robust argument for their benefits and will help the VAC to more accurately access the merits of the application.

Greg Monforton and Partners Is Pleased to Provide Free Legal Help to Canada's Veterans

The team of lawyers and staff at Greg Monforton and Partners are proudly offering a new, free legal service Trial Lawyers for Veterans for vets seeking disability benefits from the Canadian government.

Our founder, Greg Monforton says that "our veterans do so much for us and I believe our government does not always respond well when our soldiers ask for help for themselves.... My father served our country in World War 2 and it is now my honor and privilege to do a very small part in trying to serve those who have served us so well."

Mr Monforton is encouraged by proposed new laws which will give veterans who are seriously injured in the line of duty a minimum of $40,000 per year in government support. But even with these changes Monforton says that Canada's veterans will need legal help to make sure their claims are assessed and dealt with fairly.

Veterans' claims can become complicated if they apply for benefits and receive an initial offer they consider too low to compensate for their sacrifice on behalf of Canadians. If this happens, the veteran must launch an appeal, which can be time consuming, stressful and difficult for soldiers and families of limited means.

Monforton says that "too often these claims are appealed by the veteran and the appeal is dismissed because the veteran is not a lawyer and cannot advocate for herself or himself."

As a past president of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) which has led the effort in establishing Trial Lawyers for Veterans, Greg Monforton is the first OTLA member in Windsor to join in this effort and would welcome the opportunity for his firm to help with your veterans benefits application.

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