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Black Ice The Cause Of Fatal Highway Accident for Windsor Woman

In a story posted yesterday that detailed the death of a Windsor woman involved in a highway crash in Kentucky, the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department has revealed that the car lost control after hitting a patch of black ice, which caused it to spin and then collide into a tractor trailer. The victim, Ms Svetlana... Read More

Kentucky Car Accident Kills Windsor Woman

The Laurel County Sheriff Department has just released information about a Windsor woman that was killed after her vehicle drove hit a patch of ice and slid into the path of a southbound tractor trailer on I-75 in Kentucky on Monday morning. After hitting the ice, Police believe that the vehicle spun out of control,... Read More

Drop It and Drive

Zombie pedestrians and distracted drivers are plaguing the nation according to the Canadian Safety Council and Police departments across Canada. Despite legislation against the use of cell phones and texting while driving in all provinces except Nanavut, distracted driving accidents continue to be a problem. Additionally, the number of pedestrian fatalities in Toronto has hit... Read More

Head-On Crash Kills Windsor Woman

A Windsor woman was killed and two other Windsor residents suffered non-life threatening injuries in a head-on collision late Friday in northwestern New Jersey. Deepa Panchal, 53, sustained fatal head injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene, while Subhash Panchal, 53 and Vrushabh Panchal, 17, also of Windsor, were transported to hospital with non-life-threatening... Read More

Two Drivers Charged After Fatal Pedestrian Accident

The drivers of two vehicles have been charged after a fatal accident that killed an innocent bystander in mid-December. Andrew Jackson, 43, passed away after two vehicles collided with such force at an intersection that one of the vehicles was thrown into him as he stood nearby. The crash occurred in the middle of the... Read More

Snow Continues to Pummel Ontario and Quebec

Just two days after Essex County received a snowfall warning that 15 to 20 centimetres were forecast for Sunday, forecasters are warning of significant weather across eastern Canada, moving up from Texas, into the Toronto region and to the Maritimes. Beginning Thursday evening areas north of Barrie and Ottawa can expect up to 10 centimetres of... Read More

Intersection In East Windsor Closed By Police After Fatal Collision

A collision between 2 vehicles that occurred on Monday, December 16th at approximately 2 p.m has also involved a pedestrian that was struck by a pickup truck involved in the crash and subsequently thrown into a nearby pole. Despite being rushed to the hospital, the victim was later pronounced dead, with a witness describing the... Read More

Huge Winter Storm Brings A Crash Every 2 Minutes

OPP Sgt. Dave Woodford says hes never seen more collisions in his 31 years as an officer than he did Saturday. Every highway the OPP patrols has had some kind of accident on it today, he said. By late afternoon, there were collisions being reported every two minutes. Miraculously, as of nightfall Saturday no one... Read More

Windsor Police Ask For Help Finding Hit-and-Run Driver

Windsor police are looking for a driver who left the scene after hitting a pedestrian. The victim was crossing Tecumseh Road at Cadillac Street around 4:15 p.m. on Nov. 22 when a car ran into him. Police said the driver stopped to see if the pedestrian was OK, but then took off. He was last... Read More

How to Drive on Black Ice

Black ice is responsible for dozens of auto accidents each year across Ontario, and other locations where freezing temperatures are present. This type of ice forms when freezing rain or snow melts, then re-freezes, thus resulting in a clear and transparent sheet of ice. Often times, people mistake black ice for wet roadways, while they... Read More