Snow Covered Traffic Light Blamed in School Bus Crash

stop lightFive people were injured, including two children, in a multi-vehicle crash involving a school bus at the intersection of Provincial and Sixth Concession Road in Windsor Thursday, Feb. 25.

Witnesses and the driver of the bus said that the bus driver was not able to see that the light was red because it was covered in snow.

The accident happened around 10:30 a.m. as a school bus full of 32 Grade 3 students from Queen Victoria Public School were heading to a Pediatric R.E.A.D. (Reading Early Accelerates Development) event at the Ciociaro Club.

According to reports, a GMC Sierra and a Chrysler 200 were stopped on Sixth Concession Road in the northbound lane. When their light turned green, the Chrysler drove into the intersection.

At the same time, the school bus, which was traveling eastbound, also entered the intersection despite the light being red. The bus struck the Chrysler so hard that it forced the vehicle into the GMC truck.

The truck only needed minor repairs, but the car was seriously damaged. Firefighters had to remove the driver of the Chrysler from her vehicle, though she was awake and talking.

The driver of the Chrysler, the bus driver, one staff member and two students were taken to the hospital for unspecified injuries that required direct medical attention.

A Responsibility to Ensure Safety

Although the light was covered by snow, it was the bus driver’s responsibility to slow down and stop as she approached the intersection. Failing to cautiously approach a poorly signaled intersection can easily lead to accidents and injuries.

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