Types of Airbag Injuries During an Auto Accident

airbag injury burnsWhile airbags are created to protect you from serious injury in a car accident, and they often do, there are hidden injuries that may occur when airbags deploy.

A variety of airbag accident injuries take place and some incidents even result in fatalities, especially when it comes to children, the elderly and some adults.

Here are three types of airbag accident injuries:

Minor injuries by airbags Some of the most common minor injuries include head trauma, hearing loss and skin abrasions.

Moderate injuries by airbags These injuries are more serious and may involve broken ribs, arms, noses or fingers, facial lacerations and even skin burns on the face, chest and arms. When airbags explode, heat is given off, which can cause burns. Asthma complications may also occur because of chemical reactions used to inflate the airbags.

Severe injuries by airbags Side airbags suddenly inflating may trigger injuries just like frontal airbags. Spleen injuries, flexion injuries of the spine, cardiac and pulmonary injuries are some types of severe airbag injuries.

Prevention is something you can choose to keep you and your family safe from airbag accident injuries. Here are some tips that may protect you:

  • Keep the steering wheel at least 10 inches from your chest.
  • Your seatbelt should be around your pelvic bones, not encircling the abdomen.
  • Babies should never sit in the front seat whether in rear-facing seats or not.
  • Children need to refrain from leaning against the door when there are side airbags.

Sometimes the unthinkable happens and you are in a car accident. Defective airbags can also lead to unexpected deployment and serious injuries.

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