Two Sent to Hospital after Multi-Vehicle Crash in East Windsor

rollover accident sceneTwo people were rushed to the hospital after a multi-vehicle crash at Richmond Street and St. Luke Road on Friday, July 31 around noon.

Images taken at the scene of the crash show a white sedan flipped on its hood and a white minivan badly damaged at the front end.

Multiple people were treated for injuries by paramedics and firefighters. At least three women and one man were injured in the wreck. Police have not released the names of victims nor their conditions.

Investigators are still working to determine what caused the crash.

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Many incidences of rollover accidents occur in SUVs, but there are many more causes that can lead to a vehicle roll over; speeding is often a common cause of rollover accidents. During a multi-vehicle accident, a car being struck on the side may cause it to tip over and land on its roof.

In 2012, more than 300 motor vehicle accidents in Ontario were rollover collisions. The number of rollover collisions in the area have remained steady over the past three years.

Rollover accidents can be especially harmful as many victims are unable to get out of their vehicles until help arrives. Victims often suffer broken bones, head trauma and airbag injuries during the volatile movement of a vehicle flipping onto its roof.

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