Speed Limit Lowered in LaSalle School Zones

school zone speed limitIn order to keep students safer this school year, LaSalle has lowered the speed limits in school zones to 30 km/hour.

According to LaSalle Mayor Ken Antaya, reducing the speed in the area would enhance the safety of students attending school.

While complaints about speeding cars originated from parents whose children attended Holy Cross Catholic Elementary school, councilors believe the Community Safety Zones should apply to all of the towns school zones. Furthermore, the reduced speed limit coincides with the changes in distracted driving penalties that could reduce the number of distracted drivers around school zones.

As students return to school, motorists should remember to slow down in school zones and respect crossing guards. Drivers should be especially cautious during time periods when students are more likely to be traveling to or from school.

Additionally, be respectful of the rules of the road when approaching a stopped school bus.

When the school bus is stopped and flashing its red lights, if you are coming from behind the bus, stop at least 20 metres away. If you are on a road with a median, only the vehicles behind the bus should stop.

According to a study by Transport Canada, between 1992 and 2001, school buses were involved in more than 5,000 collisions. On average, about 936 school bus accidents each year led to serious personal injuries.

At Greg Monforton & Partners, we believe that motorists should be mindful of school zones as the safety of children should be a priority.

If your loved one is ever hurt in a school-zone accident or a school bus accident, our lawyers can help you determine your legal options. You may be entitled to filing a lawsuit for damages you or your loved one suffered.

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