Vice President of Car Software Company Thinks Fully Driverless Cars Will Not Get Here Until 2035

man with car being driven by itselfIn his keynote address at the Emerging Technologies in Automation Conference and Trade Show in Windsor, the vice president of product management and strategy for QNX said the era of fully autonomous vehicles is farther away than some people understand.

Grant Courville was also interviewed about this issue for the radio show “Afternoon Drive.” Courville said that vehicles with no steering wheel, accelerator or brake probably will not be here until around 2035.

We will see more safety features and automated features in cars, but fully autonomous vehicles will not be on the road in only two or three years. He said his remarks at the conference caused some people to nod in agreement and others to look surprised.

Courville said the process of fully automating cars is complicated because of all of the technological and regulatory issues involved. One of the challenges is that fully autonomous vehicles must work reliably all the time, not most of the time, according to Courville.

He noted that we are going to see more autonomy with vehicles and driving right around the corner, but not fully automated cars.

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