Most 2011-2015 Crash Fatalities Were Preventable

ambulance with workersAccording to a recent report from Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), most traffic fatalities between 2011 and 2015 were preventable. There were a total of 1,507 recorded traffic fatalities on OPP-patrolled roads during the five-year period.

The data indicates that the majority of accidents resulting in deaths in recent years were directly linked to poor driving behaviours, which are preventable.

The report shows that:

  • 321 deaths were caused by alcohol or drug-related accidents
  • 335 deaths were the result of accidents in which a failure to wear a seat belt was a factor
  • 336 deaths were a result of accidents in which speed was a factor
  • 408 deaths were caused by inattentive driving

According to OPP Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair, there needs to be a complete shift in the attitudes of drivers who currently do not take the risks of these dangerous behaviours seriously. He stated that road safety is a collective effort and everyone needs to play their role in contributing to safety on the roads.

The report was released on Oct. 4, just days before the start of the Thanksgiving Long Weekend, during which time OPP planned to collaborate with policing partners for a national Operation Impact campaign.

Police were out in full force patrolling Ontario highways and cracking down on aggressive, distracted and impaired driving as well as those who were not wearing a seat belt.

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