Potholed Roads Becoming A Problem As Windsor Thaws Out

a road with a large pot holeWith the greater Ontario region slowly starting to pull its way out of the grips of winter, many drivers in Windsor and it’s surrounding areas are noticing an increase in the number of large potholes on our roads, leading to a multitude of auto accidents and damage to vehicles.

While road crews are out on the streets using a special blend of flexible cold asphalt to fix any existing holes, a growing number of frustrated drivers are reported as having already sustained damage to their vehicles as a result of running into these road hazards.

After being asked about the issue, a local auto body repairer was quoted as saying:

“…. very expensive to do that kind of stuff. If a control arm gets pushed back because of the damage, you’re looking at some frame time. You’re looking at thousands of dollars,

According to sources, the primary cause of a pothole is when water seeps in between cracks in the road surface and then freezes. As the water expands during the freezing process, it forces the tarmac apart, causing it to lose its strength when a load is placed on it. When vehicles weighting thousands of kilograms are driving over these weakened structures, they inevitably end up crumbling apart, which creates a cycle that continues to weaken the road surface and create a larger hole.

Have you or someone you love suffered damage to your vehicle or been involved in an accident that was caused by hitting a dangerous pothole? If so, you or that victim may be eligible to file a damages lawsuit, claiming compensation for your losses.

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