Drivers Warned to Watch for Pedestrians on Huron Church

Despite a pedestrian bridge being built nearly a decade ago, students from a local high school continue to cross Huron Church at street level. The dangerous practice has many people concerned that someone could be killed.

Students admitted to that they’ve had some close calls on the congested road and on some occasions they were just barely missed be an oncoming vehicle.

There is no reasonable explanation as to why kids are opting for the road, except that the bridge may take a few more minutes to cross. The school urges students to use the crosswalk each day and on some occasions the Windsor police has been called to try to control the situation.

Unfortunately, sometimes students do not listen and the schools are unable to patrol the area every morning and afternoon.

If you intend to drive in the area, consider slowing down and watching for pedestrians particularly in the early morning hours and afternoon when school is getting out. Parents should talk to their children about the importance of using the crosswalk, all it takes is one student misjudging the speed of a vehicle for a tragedy to occur.

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