Windsor’s Worst Intersections

accidents at intersectionsSome intersections seem to always have an accident, and statistics show that some truly are more dangerous than others.

Windsors Executive Director of Operations says a number of factors can contribute to making one intersection riskier than others. Contributing factors can include traffic volume and speed, sight lines for motorists, road conditions and time of day. Intersections without signals can also be dangerous.

The type of intersection also plays a big role. For example, when a local street meets a larger highway, motorists often have to cross multiple lanes of traffic, greatly increasing the risk for an accident.

Most Dangerous Intersections

According to statistics from a 2013 study, Banwell Road at E.C. Row Expressway has the most accidents, but County Road 42 at Lauzon Parkway presents the greatest risk for being involved in an accident.

The report listed 125 accidents at Banwell and E.C. Row. After taking into account the volume of traffic, there were 1.3 collisions for every one million vehicles traveling through the intersection. In contrast, at County Road 42 and Lauzon, there were 1.56 accidents for every one million vehicles.

Additionally, the intersection of Dougall Avenue at Oullette Place has the most collisions of all intersections without a traffic light.

Windsor police have identified the following intersections with the most accidents in 2014:

  • County Road 42 at Lauzon Parkway
  • Pelissier Street at Wyandotte Street West
  • McHugh Street at Lauzon Road
  • Banwell Road at westbound E.C. Row Expressway
  • Eastbound E.C. Row Expressway on-ramp at Central Avenue
  • Crawford Avenue at Wyandotte Street West
  • Lauzon Parkway at Tranby Avenue
  • Campbell Avenue at College Avenue
  • Lauzon Parkway at South Service Road or Twin Oaks Drive
  • Provincial Road at Sixth Concession Road

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