Local Bar Owner Praises Customers for Not Drinking and Driving

John Max Sports thank youAccording to the Ministry of Transportation, about 25 percent of all fatal collisions in 2013 were caused by drunk drivers. With such a large percentage of fatal crashes involving drunk drivers, one Ontario bar owner is thanking patrons for not drinking and driving.

John OKane, owner of John Max Sports & Wings, has given customers a letter of thanks and free vouchers for leaving their cars in the parking lot overnight. OKane understands that these cars are left overnight by drivers too inebriated to drive home.

Along with the note, OKane gives each person a $20 gift card and a free voucher to rent a volleyball court for two hours. He thanks each person for being responsible.

According to OKane, he got the idea several months ago and began implementing it around July 3. He says the local response has been very positive. At one point, he received an e-mail from a man in Washington D.C. who lost his father as a result of a drunk driver. OKane says the email inspired him to keep handing the letters out.

Ontario Ministry of Transportation statistics from 2011 and 2012 reveal that the number of fatal accidents caused by drivers with a blood alcohol concentration above .08 have increased. Additionally, the number of injury and property damage causing collisions caused by impaired drivers grew between those years.

At Greg Monforton & Partners, our personal injury lawyers have seen the devastating consequences that drinking and driving has wrought. We commend John OKane for praising drivers who do not drink and drive along with those who were responsible and left their vehicles behind instead of driving while impaired.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be responsible. Each day, careless drivers get behind the wheel while intoxicated and put other motorists in danger. If you are ever the victim of a drunk driver, contact the auto accident lawyers at Greg Monforton & Partners, we can help you determine your legal options.

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