Who May Be at Fault in Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Ontario?

fault in multi-vehicle accidentsCollisions involving multiple vehicles are often very serious, resulting in severe injuries or even death to those involved. These cases are also complicated because it is difficult to determine who is at fault for the damages sustained by each driver.

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Factors That Lead to Multi-Vehicle Collisions

Multi-vehicle accidents typically occur on busy roadways and highways where cars travel at a high rate of speed. Often, a chain reaction occurs, where additional vehicles do not stop in time to avoid a collision and become involved.

Factors that commonly lead to multi-vehicle collisions in Ontario include:

  • Poor visibility due to fog or heavy precipitation
  • Extreme weather conditions, such as snow and ice
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating

Filing a Claim for Compensation

After a multi-vehicle accident, injured victims should file a claim with their own insurance company to recover statutory accident benefits. These benefits are included in the no-fault portion of all Ontario automobile insurance policies – even if you are found to be at fault or partially at fault for the collision, you are entitled to these benefits. If a victim is deceased as a result of his or her accident injuries, surviving family members can also file claims with the deceased’s insurance carrier.

Statutory accident benefits include:

  • Medical benefits
  • Replacement of lost income of up to 70 percent of the victim’s gross income
  • Attendant care benefits
  • Death and funeral benefits in the event of fatality

Generally, victims must file claims with their own insurance or a third party’s coverage for direct compensation of property damage (DC-PD). This coverage provides compensation for damaged vehicles and other property involved in the accident. If the victim is found to be partially at fault for the accident, his or her compensation is reduced by his or her degree of fault in the collision.

Injuries Sustained from These Crashes

Multi-vehicle accidents, especially those that occur at high speeds, often result in severe injuries to victims. Some of the most common injuries from these crashes include:

  • Whiplash – This occurs when the victim’s head is violently thrust forward due to an impact and suddenly snaps back. The neck is severely extended, causing injury that leads to severe neck and back pain. Whiplash symptoms are often not felt until hours or even days after an accident.
  • Head injuries – These include concussions and contusions that occur due to blunt force trauma to the head, when the head impacts part of the vehicle or another object inside the vehicle during an accident. About half of head injuries sustained in multi-vehicle accidents result in traumatic brain injuries.
  • Upper extremity injuries – Injuries to the arms, shoulders and hands often happen in rollovers linked to multi-vehicle accidents. This is due to extremities colliding with parts of the vehicle’s interior upon impact.
  • Chest, pelvic and leg injuries – Injuries to the pelvis, legs and chest often result from front-end impacts when the seatbelt is in use.
  • Internal injuries – Trauma from a side impact may cause lacerations to internal organs or internal bleeding.
  • Death – Due to the severity of multi-vehicle accidents, victims may sustain fatal injuries.

Fault of Drivers in a Multi-Vehicle Accident

Ontario’s Insurance Act outlines Fault Determination Rules for many different accident scenarios, including multi-vehicle accidents. Insurers apply these rules and factor in any unique circumstances of the accident to determine fault. In most instances, the driver of the rear car is usually at fault if he or she rear ends the vehicle in front while the vehicles are traveling in the same direction.

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