One Killed, Six Injured in Multi-Vehicle Accident

injured accident victims in ambulanceOne person was killed and six others suffered minor injuries in a five-vehicle crash on Highway 3, Wednesday, April 27.

Investigators reported to the scene east of the intersection of County Road 23 and Highway 3 at 2:30 p.m. The investigation into the cause of the accident is still underway, though one witness traveling behind the group of vehicles on the highway reported a “jaw-dropping scene” where it seemed as though all five vehicles were in the air at once.

A news report from the Windsor Star detailed the accident scene. After the accident, a Pontiac Vibe was found facing away from the highway toward the ditch on the south side of the highway. The vehicle was heavily damaged on the rear and passenger side. One person traveling in the vehicle died at the scene.

Several metres from the Vibe, a Pontiac Sunfire with some damage to the left side was stopped on the eastbound shoulder of the highway. The driver of the vehicle did not suffer any injuries.

A truck with significant damage to its front-end came to a stop partly on the shoulder of the westbound lanes. The trailer it had been towing was separated from the truck and a steel toolbox had been displaced.

In front of the truck, a Chevrolet minivan with significant rear-end damage sat in the ditch next to the northbound lanes of County Road 23.

A Windsor Disposal Services truck was also stopped on the highway in the eastbound lanes, but it was not clear if it had been involved in the accident.

The six people who were injured were transported to local hospitals with various degrees of injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening.

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) stated that the accident scene was large in comparison to others. The crash left a field of debris stretching more than 200 metres across the roadway.

Highway 3 and several side roads were shut down for several hours as crews investigated and cleaned up the accident scene. It remains unclear what caused the accident, though OPP has stated that it was likely caused by driver error.

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