E.C. Row Expressway Crash Involves Multiple Vehicles

E.C. Row Expressway CrashTraffic on E.C. Row Expressway was backed up on Monday afternoon after an accident occurred, which involved multiple vehicles.

While some of the drivers involved in the accident were taken to local hospitals for treatment, officials report that no one was seriously injured.

EC Row Expressway is one of the leading accident sites in Windsor. Nearly every month, there are accidents reported that range from mild to fatal.

As a municipal expressway in Windsor, EC Row Expressway divides the entire city in half and has high daily traffic.

Unfortunately, because so many vehicles are on the road at the same time, when a single accident occurs, it usually creates a chain reaction that involves multiple vehicles and multiple individuals.

Motorists who use this expressway are encouraged to remain vigilant during their daily commutes. At high speeds of 62 mph, even a minor accident can quickly become catastrophic.

Distracted drivers are the same as negligent drivers. Study after study has demonstrated the dangers of driving while distracted by devices, pets, children or food.

Looking away from the road for even a few seconds can lead to a massive pileup as distracted after distracted car fails to react to changing conditions. 

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