Hundreds of Drivers Ticketed for Ignoring Move Over Law

move over lawThe Ontario Provincial Police is cracking down on careless drivers. Since January 2015, they have ticketed 763 motorists for ignoring the provinces Move Over law.

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In 2003, the Move Over law was created. The law required drivers to slow down and proceed with caution when approaching an emergency vehicle on the side of the highway with its lights on.

If the highway is more than one lane, drivers should move over one lane and leave the lane between their vehicle and the parked emergency vehicle open. When a driver fails to move over, they may be fined upwards of $2,000.

Unfortunately, hundreds of drivers are failing to move over, which puts emergency workers in danger. Although police are urging drivers to be mindful of the law, they also plan to conduct an education and enforcement campaign through the holiday weekend.

Since 1989, five Ontario Provincial Police officers have been killed in roadside accidents in Ontario. Most recently, in 2000, an officer was killed on the roadside by a distracted driver. Close calls also frequently occur.

If you see a police officer, ambulance, firetruck or even a tow truck pulled over on the highway shoulder with its lights on, move over. If you are unable to move over, slow down and proceed in the lane cautiously.

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