Does Ontario Need Dedicated Funding For Road Repairs?

At the recent launch of its annual “Worst Roads” campaign, the Canadian Automobile Association South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) has called for the need of a dedicated fund to help fix the province’s roadways, highways, bridges and other road-related infrastructure.

In a statement from the CAA SCO Government Relations staffer Faye Lyons:

The province of Ontario has been collecting a gas tax for decades and CAA has long called for a permanent, dedicated fund to help pay for much needed repairs on our deteriorating roads and crumbling bridges,”

While a report that was commissioned by the CAA last year illustrated that 70 to 90% of road costs are currently paid for my motorists from fees and fuel taxes, the dedicated fund would be designed to set a permanent portion of those income streams to be used strictly for road repair.

In light of the exceptionally cold winter that was experienced in the region, many roads have deteriorated and are in need of urgent repair, with many Ontario motorists experiencing damage to their vehicles due to the rough road conditions.

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