What if You Were Injured When a Car Crashed Into a Building in Ontario?

totaled car after building crashYou have probably heard about or even seen a few videos of cars crashing through store windows or into homes or apartment buildings. You may be surprised to learn these types of incidents are a lot more common than many people think. These accidents happened several times in Windsor in 2022 alone.

These accidents are incredibly dangerous, particularly for people inside these buildings who have little to no warning and may be unable to get out of the car’s way.

Our experienced Windsor auto accident lawyers discuss what you should know about cars crashing into buildings, including the dangers and how to seek compensation for injuries.

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Vehicle-Into-Building Crashes in Windsor

Cars crashing into buildings was a somewhat regular occurrence in Windsor last year. According to CBC News, these types of collisions happened at least six times in 2022. This includes a car crashing into an art studio on April 24, 2022, and a car crashing into an ice cream store in November 2022. Fortunately, no one was injured in either crash, but the ice cream store had to be closed for a week for repairs.

However, there was a car-into-building crash in Kingsville in 2021 that sent two people to hospital, one with life-threatening injuries.

Why Do Vehicles Crash Into Stores, Residences and other Buildings?

Impaired driving is a factor in many of these collisions – the ice cream shop crash in November of 2022 may have been caused by an impaired driver.

Elderly and inexperienced drivers may also be at higher risk for causing these collisions. These drivers may hit the gas when they mean to hit the brake. This can be particularly dangerous when the car is parked right outside of a storefront.

Even if a parking lot does not place cars right in front of a store, speeding could cause a driver to crash into a building. Speeding is a common problem in parking lots and one of the main culprits in many parking lot collisions.

Distraction is a significant problem among younger drivers and could result in them crashing into a building without realizing it.

Sometimes the driver is not at fault for crashing into a building because he or she had a medical emergency. For example, he or she may have been experiencing a heart attack, stroke or seizure.

What Makes These Situations so Dangerous?

Pedestrians have a much higher risk of severe injuries in a car crash than vehicle occupants. This is because there is nothing protecting pedestrians from the force of impact, like seatbelts and airbags. When you combine this with the fact there is often little warning about a car coming into a building, you create an incredibly dangerous situation.

Pedestrians could get run over, thrown backward or pinned between the car and something else, like a wall or aisle. This could result in injuries to the:

  • Brain
  • Spinal cord
  • Internal organs
  • Arms and legs
  • Back
  • Neck
  • And more

The collision between the car and the building could be so violent that there is a gas leak or even a fire. This raises the risk of severe burn injuries.

What if the Driver Intentionally Crashed Into the Building?

Sometimes the crash into a building was intentional. The driver may be mentally ill or may have some sort of grudge against someone in the building. In these situations, the driver’s policy may not provide compensation. This is because car insurance does not cover intentional actions.

In these situations, victims may be able to seek compensation through the insurance policy on the building. You may also be able to seek compensation from the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund, which may be an option if no other insurance is available.

However, recovering compensation can be a complex process. That is why victims should seek out an experienced lawyer to guide them through the legal process.

Claims For Unintentional Crashes Into Buildings

Examples of unintentional crashes into buildings include those caused by:

  • Drunk or impaired driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving

In these situations, victims would be able to seek compensation from the liability insurance of the at-fault driver. There may also be a claim against the property owner if the design of the parking lot contributed to the crash. For example, maybe there should have been concrete barriers between the entrance to the store and the parking lot.

No matter how the crash occurred, your first concern is medical treatment for your injuries. Documenting the scene can be important, but this is something your lawyer can take care of. You do not want to make your injuries worse by trying to gather evidence.

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