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Are Parents Allowed To File a Lawsuit on Behalf of Their Child?

When a child suffers a serious injury due to the negligence of another, his or her parents may have the right to take legal action to pursue compensation for their child’s medical care and pain and suffering. While seeking a financial recovery on behalf… Read More

Building Future Care Expenses Into a Damages Lawsuit

In most cases, victims who have been severely injured in an accident will suffer the effects of their injuries into the future. They may require ongoing care in the form of future surgeries, treatments and medications even after reaching maximum medical… Read More

When Does a Plaintiff Meet the Injury Threshold in Ontario?

In Ontario, if you are injured in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, he or she is not automatically liable for pain and suffering or other non-pecuniary damages you sustained. However, if your injury meets the threshold as defined under… Read More

Common Misconceptions With Filing a Lawsuit

Being injured in a serious accident can leave victims with costly medical bills and loss of income from an inability to work while in recovery. However, many people are often discouraged to seek legal representation to file a lawsuit because of misconceptions… Read More

Understanding Mediation in a Personal Injury Case

Although most personal injury cases settle before going to trial, sometimes it may take longer to come to a resolution when the insurance company devalues or denies a claim altogether. Insurers will make quick, lowball offers knowing that injury victims… Read More

How Are Soft-Tissue Injuries Valued in a Claim?

Although an accident can leave victims with serious injuries, such as broken bones or internal injuries, soft-tissue injuries are also quite common, but often dismissed as minor and not treated properly. Failure to seek immediate medical care for these… Read More

Is COVID-19 Affecting Lawsuits In Ontario?

Since mid-March, Canada was under an unprecedented lockdown due to COVID-19. Restrictions are now being lessened and the majority of Ontario is entering Stage 3, allowing most businesses to re-open with health measures in place. However, despite these… Read More

Why Slip and Fall Accident Claims Can Be Difficult to Prove

Slip and falls happen more often than you realize. These accidents can occur on public and private property due to slippery or wet surfaces, uneven flooring, cluttered hallways and poorly lit areas, which may result in serious injuries. Proving negligence… Read More

Factors That May Delay the Personal Injury Claims Process

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim, you may be wondering how long the entire process could take. However, every case is different and presents its own unique challenges. Most claims are often settled out of court and may be resolved… Read More

Getting Compensation for Loss of Earning Capacity After a Personal Injury

If you have been injured in an accident due to another person’s negligence, you may be eligible to pursue compensation to help cover any financial losses you have suffered. One of these losses could include loss of earning capacity. Unlike medical expenses… Read More