Do I Qualify for Caregiver Benefits After a Serious Ontario Accident?

injured accident victim seeking caregiver benefitsIf you suffered injuries in a serious Ontario accident, you may qualify for caregiver benefits, which can assist you in hiring someone to care for your dependents.

However, having enough coverage to get the help you need will depend on your situation. You must be able to show that you sustained a significant impairment that warrants claiming these benefits.

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No-Fault Accident Benefits Insurance

The Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) is part of every Ontario auto insurance policy. This mandatory coverage kicks in when anyone is injured in a vehicle-related accident – regardless of fault.

Caregiver benefits are just one of several benefits that are available to injured accident victims. SABS can also help cover the following reasonable and necessary expenses:

Qualifying for Caregiver Benefits

You may be able to receive caregiver benefits if you were the primary caregiver for your family and sustained significant injuries in a crash that make it impossible to continue that care. This benefit can provide reimbursement for the expenses of hiring someone to help care for your loved ones.

Qualifying parties include:

  • Single-parent families
  • Families with a stay-at-home parent
  • Households with full-time dependents, such as a disabled adult, children or aging parents

Caregiver benefits apply only to catastrophically injured accident victims. To claim these benefits under your policy, you must submit sufficient medical evidence to support your injuries and the extent of your impairment. A lawyer at our firm is ready to gather this information from your treating doctor for you.

How Much Do Caregiver Benefits Cover?

There are limits to how much you can receive in caregiver benefits. In a standard auto insurance policy in Ontario, the maximum amount of caregiver benefits covered is:

  • Up to $250 every week to help look out for your household’s first dependent
  • An extra $50 every week for each additional dependent in your household

For instance, if you are unable to perform your caregiving duties, you can get reimbursed for household expenses up to these policy limits. Standard coverage only provides a payout for catastrophic injuries.

Can Additional Coverage Be Purchased?

Yes, additional coverage can be purchased to help supplement any standard policy. Getting this additional coverage can also provide caregiver benefits to accident victims with serious, but non-catastrophic injuries.

How Long Do Caregiver Benefits Last?

Generally, caregiver benefits can be paid for a total of 104 weeks as long as you are substantially unable to engage in caregiving activities you once performed. If your injuries still affect your ability to maintain a normal life, payments may continue to be made after the two-year mark.

You have up to seven days to notify your insurance provider of your plan to seek caregiver benefits. There is also a 30-day deadline to prepare and submit your Application for Accident Benefits package. If these critical timelines are missed, you will likely be unable to be compensated.

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