Seeking Compensation for Car Crash Wrist Injuries

patient with wrist injuryCar crashes often cause injuries to the hands and wrists. These injuries typically occur when a driver’s or passenger’s hands or wrists hit objects in the interior of the vehicle, such as the steering wheel, airbags, dashboard, window or windshield. The most common car crash wrist injuries are discussed below.

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Common Wrist Injuries in a Car Crash

When drivers grip the steering wheel or extend their hands to brace themselves in a car crash, the wrists often take the brunt of the impact. This can lead to pain and swelling in the wrist joint.

Some common wrist injuries in a car crash include:


The wrist is made up of 13 bones extending into the hand. These connect to 14 bones in the fingers. These fragile bones can be easily fractured or crushed when blunt force trauma happens in a car crash.

For instance, bracing your hands against the side or ceiling of your car can put intense pressure on the bones in your hands and wrists. Fractures can also happen when your wrists hit things inside the car.

Dislocated Joints

The wrist joints can become dislocated due to the force from a car crash. When your joints are dislocated, you cannot move the wrist and hand normally. A dislocated joint is a very painful injury that may result in permanent damage if treatment is delayed, or the injury is left untreated.

Wrist Sprains

A wrist sprain happens when the wrist is bent or twisted forcefully. Each bone in the wrist is joined by one or more ligaments. If your wrist hits a hard object in a car crash, your ligaments can be damaged and cause a sprain. Wrist sprains are painful and may lead to chronic instability in your hands and wrists.

Wrist sprains are also ranked based on the severity of damage to the ligaments. For instance:

  • A grade 1 sprain is a mild sprain that occurs when the ligaments are overstretched, but not torn.
  • A grade 2 sprain is a moderate sprain that happens when the ligaments are overstretched, but only partially torn. This will likely result in some loss of function.
  • A grade 3 sprain is the most severe and occurs when the ligaments become completely torn.

Damage To Tendons

Tendons are cords of connective tissue that connect muscle to bones. The tendons that control movement in your hands and wrists can become inflamed when impacted by blunt force trauma. Inflammation of the tendons, known as tendinitis, can cause mild to severe pain in the affected area.

Importance of Medical Care After a Car Crash

Wrist injuries do not always manifest symptoms right away. That is why it is important to obtain medical care immediately after a car crash to check if you have suffered a hand or wrist injury. Car crash wrist injuries can get worse and may cause chronic issues if you do not see a doctor for treatment.

Your treating doctor will be able to perform the necessary diagnostic and imaging tests (i.e. X-ray or MRI) to help evaluate the extent and severity of your wrist injury. These results will allow him or her to put together the best treatment plan to help you heal and be on the road to recovery.

It is important that you follow your doctor’s orders and not speed up the process. Otherwise, this may cause your wrist injury to improperly heal and may make daily tasks more painful or harder to perform.

How Can I Get Compensated for a Car Crash Wrist Injury?

If you have suffered a wrist injury in a car crash, your available legal options will depend on your situation. These options may include, but are not limited to:

  • Filing an accident benefits claimAccident benefits are awarded regardless of fault through your own auto insurance policy. These benefits cover a range of damages, including medical expenses and income replacement costs. It may be beneficial to work with an experienced lawyer to make sure your damages are calculated correctly so that you are compensated fairly.
  • Filing a claim against the at-fault party – You may be able to seek compensation from the party that caused the car crash and your injuries. Pursuing a lawsuit, however, will require proving negligence. Damages you may recover include medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

If the car crash has left you disabled, you may be able to file a claim for disability benefits. With the help of a lawyer, he or she can explain your rights and determine the best course of action for you to take.

How Much Are Car Crash Wrist Injuries Worth?

The amount of compensation you may be able to receive for car crash wrist injuries will depend on the damages you have sustained, the type of claim you are filing and whether negligence played a factor.

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