Several Children Injured in Collision Between Car and Small School Bus

rear of school busOn Tuesday morning, a school bus transporting autistic children was involved in a collision with a car at the intersection of Tecumseh Road West and Huron Church Road West. Six of the children on the bus sustained minor injuries and had to be hospitalized.

Jeff Urquhart, a witness who was in a car behind the bus, said the collision caused the bus to tip over onto two wheels. Urquhart, who was in the car with his granddaughter, thought the bus might tip all the way over, but it tipped back the other way onto all four wheels. He heard many of the children on the bus scream when it looked like the bus might roll over.

After the collision, Urquhart and his daughter helped children get out of the back of the bus. One of the victims suffered a leg injury and the other children sustained bruises and cuts.

Urquhart, who has training in first aid, took the kids to the side of the road and checked them for injuries. He and his daughter also asked for the names of the children and tried to help them stay calm.

The main door to the bus was bashed in by the collision and the damage left the driver and the bus monitor pinned to their seats. The front of the car was also destroyed, and pieces of the vehicle flew back and bounced off Urquhart’s car.

An email from Windsor police says the driver of the car may have had a medical emergency. Urquhart went to check on the driver and found him unconscious.

The police and other first responders arrived at the scene quickly. School officials and children of the parents also came to the scene.

Urquhart said this is a unique accident. He drives trucks for a living, which he has done for many years, and has not seen this type of crash before.

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