Defensive Driving Techniques

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Accidents occur on Ontario roadways with very little warning, and the moments leading up to a crash and those immediately following it can mean the difference between life and death for those involved. Defensive driving is a phrase used to describe behavior that can lessen the risk of being involved in an auto accident. With the prevalence of distracted and irresponsible drivers on our roads and highways, it is vital for motorists to know how to drive defensively to protect themselves and the ones they love from other negligent drivers.

A 2009 Transport Canada report cited 123,192 instances of auto accidents that resulted in personal injury and 2,011 deaths the same year. If every driver practiced more patience and remained aware behind the wheel the majority of these needless accidents would not have happened. Countless lives have been lost because of careless driving habits, and the pain that comes to the victims of negligent motorists can be excruciating both mentally and physically.

If you or someone you love was injured because an Ontario driver was behaving recklessly behind the wheel, you may be entitled to compensation because of the anguish and suffering you endured.

The Windsor injury lawyers of Greg Monforton & Partners believe that every driver has a responsibility to those they share the road with to operate their vehicle with care and caution, which is why we fight for the rights of those who have been victimized by auto accidents. We will always fight for the MAXIMUM amount of compensation due to our clients while defending their rights in court.

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Basic Defensive Driving Tactics

Studies of Canadian crash data have led researchers to compile information relating to the factors that contribute or cause auto accidents. With this research, drivers can alter their behavior to reflect more responsible actions behind the wheel, and behaving more cautiously will help lessen the frequency and severity of car crashes in Ontario.

The following are some of the most basic and achievable defensive driving tactics:

Avoid Internal Distractions

Paying attention to a cell phone, answering emails, changing radio stations or arguing with vehicle passengers are all internal distractions that can cause drivers to lose focus of the road and perform risky behaviors. A distracted driver could unintentionally pick up speed, blow through a stop sign or perform any number of other actions that can cause a serious wreck.

Always Signal Intentions

Drivers sometimes forget the importance of using their vehicles signals to communicate their intentions, though this is driving 101. If a motorist does not signal their intentions to turn at an intersection but stops abruptly and cuts the wheel, the driver behind them will have no time to stop and could rear-end their vehicle.

Avoid Vehicles Blind Spots

Whether driving behind a large truck or another passenger car, being aware of the vehicles blind spots will help eliminate the possibility that they might change lanes or drift into your vehicle without knowing you are there. The rule of thumb is generally if you do not see a vehicles mirrors, they do not see you.

Stay Focused and Anticipate Danger

This tip goes hand-in-hand with avoiding internal distractions. In order to stay focused on the task at hand, motorists need to be vigilant about other drivers behaviors. Keeping one eye open for potential threats to your vehicles safety will give you more reaction time to avoid an accident.

Wear a Seat Belt

Properly utilizing safety belts and safety seats help children and adults to survive an accident, in the event one occurs. Seat belts decrease head trauma, passenger ejection, and a seatbelt that fits the body well can save a life. Seat belt chest straps should lay across the wearers chest, not cut under their chin, and the lap belt should sit snugly on the hips and upper thighs, not the stomach.

Anyone can utilize these tips to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. It is very important to keep defensive driving in mind even when taking a short trip, but especially after travelling long distances when drivers may become fatigued or road-weary.

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