Car vs. Motorcycle Crash Lawsuits

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While being involved in a car collision is a frightening moment, it may be even more frightening if you or the other driver involved is a motorcyclist.

In fact 8.5% of all collisions in Canada that occurred during 2010 involved a motorcyclist with 11.5% of those riders suffering serious injuries. Despite the percentage of collisions involving motorcycles having decreased over the years, drivers and motorcyclists are consistently in danger of being involved in an accident.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car vs. motorcycle collision, they may be eligible for legal justice. The victim may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, property damage, medical bills, and other costs that are related to the repair and rehabilitation of those injuries.

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Causes of Car vs. Motorcycle Collisions

The reason for a car vs. motorcycle collision may vary as auto accidents can occur on an urban or rural road. The number of registered motorcycles in Ontario in 2005 was more than 145,000 not including mopeds.

As the number of motorcycle drivers rises, so does the chance of being involved in a motor vehicle accident with one. Some common causes of a motorcycle vs. car crash include:

Tailgating is a major issue as car drivers and motorcyclists may not allow enough room for one or the other to suddenly brake. A small fender bender can turn into a serious accident if one of the parties involved is a motorcyclist.

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Car vs. Motorcycle Injuries

A motorcyclist risks many injuries if they are involved in a collision with a car. Common injuries a motorcyclist may have to bear:

Car drivers may suffer fewer injuries, but nonetheless could feel the following affects:

The amount of injuries may depend on how serious the accident is and the precautions each driver took before going out on the road. If a driver was not wearing a seat belt their injuries may be worse, as could they be if the motorcyclist was not wearing protective gear such as a helmet or jacket.

How to Handle a Car vs. Motorcycle Accident

If you are involved in a car vs. motorcycle accident its important to remain calm and immediately call for emergency services if anyone involved is injured.

Information such as insurance provider and contact numbers must be exchanged and documented. The police should also be called so a police report may be filed.

Take photographs of the scene using a camera or cell phone and recall as much as you can about the accident. Having as much information as you can about the accident may be able to help you file a legal claim.

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